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- May 26, 2017-

May 22, 2017, to "sail to create a win-win" as the theme of the Shenlong bus 2017 supplier conference in Shanghai Star River Hotel was held. From all over the country's new energy automotive industry experts and many parts, charging pile, post-market business representatives gathered to discuss the development plan. Shenzhen City Waters Battery Co., Ltd. by virtue of a strong battery production supporting capacity, quality products and services in the Shenlong bus a number of suppliers stand out, won the "2016 outstanding supplier."

Shenlong bus "2016 outstanding supplier" award site

Shenlong is the only one in Shanghai and the domestic one of the few comprehensive bus manufacturing enterprises, products include road passenger transport, tourism, public transportation, groups and other market segments, has formed a high-end product grade more than 20 categories of more than 300 passenger cars complete Product chain. Thanks to the policy support, the rapid development of industry and Shenlong new energy vehicle strategy, Shenlong and Walter Ma from 2016 to establish a strategic partnership between the two sides in product development, market complementarity, order exchange and other aspects to join hands to create Win-win situation, cooperation getting better.

Wal-Mart received this honor, not day and night. Since its inception in 2002, Waters established the "people-oriented, technology leadership, quality assurance, commitment to the global" quality policy, and Shenlong pursued the "details of the success or failure, quality determines the future," the concept of quality coincide The The company strictly implements the ISO9001 and the automotive industry ISO / TS16949 quality standard system, independent research and development of the power battery with high security, high power, strong environmental adaptability and long cycle life and other advantages, much market recognition, excellent quality Shenlong The safe operation of the bus escort, is also the Shenlong bus "2016 outstanding supplier" this strong guarantee of the honor.

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2017-6 Munish The inter solar.

Shenlong bus awarded Waters "2016 outstanding supplier"

For how to contribute to the sustainable development of new forces, and constantly increase the depth of cooperation and breadth of this topic. Mr. Meng Mengguang, chairman of the board of directors of Walterma Battery Co., Ltd., reiterated at the meeting that the SMART strategy of the chief executive of the Waltmar Group, Li Jinlin, proposed to firmly grasp the five key words: Safe, Marketing, Auto, ), Recycle, Technology. And said that Walter is hard training internal strength, through continuous technological breakthroughs, quality improvement, the pursuit of differentiated value, is committed to creating an open new energy-driven system.

In recent years, Waters in the field of new energy vehicle power battery always adhere to step by step, solid, only to the battery quality to the extreme, so that "green" energy into the tens of thousands of households, with innovation to show China's new energy vehicles Industry speed and passion!

The first batch of selected "automotive power battery industry standard conditions" directory; battery matching the number of domestic ranked second; the country equipped with Waters power battery system of new energy vehicles more than 60,000, covering 31 domestic provinces and cities, and far Sales of six continents more than 40 countries and regions, the domestic market ranked the top three; selected industrial enterprises in Shenzhen hundred enterprises; ranked the world's top 500 new energy companies ... ... These are the Wal-Mart glory of the "Medal."