OptimumNano Have Break Through In Low Temperature Battery

- Oct 13, 2017-

Since 18th CPC National Congress;, the state attaches great importance to the development of new energy automotive industry, and has issued a series of supporting policies and measures to promote industrial development and achieve positive results. But as a new industry, the policy favored, market chasing, new energy vehicles in the rapid development of the process is still facing the problem of battery performance and hinder the promotion. 19th CPC National Congress; on the occasion, as a new energy vehicle power battery system with low temperature waltmal leader, technology leader in the industry and industry a big pain point, for the dream of a powerful car booster.

Winter is "finished" the promotion of electric vehicles on the road is a major embarrassment, studies have shown that the temperature drops from 25 DEG C to minus 20 degrees, the car battery can release the power will be reduced by 30%, the required charging time will increase accordingly. Therefore, in the low temperature environment, the operation of electric vehicles usually appear charging difficulties, mileage shrinking problems, which will undoubtedly become the biggest obstacle to the promotion of new energy vehicles in northern china.


In order to break through the low temperature performance of battery, waltmal in 2014 launched the research project of low temperature battery, through repeated screening, testing and optimization of process design for different material quality of the battery, low battery charging can be successfully developed normally at -35 DEG -20 DEG C and normal discharge, water proof and dustproof grade up to IP67, through the high and low temperature, seawater for 24h, salt fog, low air pressure and other environmental performance test, and successfully passed the test in the northern cold.

The research results through the identification of eighteen professional authority Tianjin test and Shenzhen city science and Technology Innovation Council, experts have been classified as "the leading domestic level, to fill the gaps in our low battery field, and in December 2016 won the" 2016 China new energy automotive technology innovation award "honorary.

In 2016 November, the strong cold air swept the northern part of China, most of the snowfall in Northeast China Eastern, Inner Mongolia, new energy vehicles equipped with waltmal battery successfully withstand low temperature -25 DEG C and under low temperature test, easily cross in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other northern alpine region, so pure electric vehicle successfully bid farewell to "hibernate" era.


At present, there are thousands of vehicles equipped with waltmal battery electric vehicles put into operation in the northern region, including commuter bus, bus, car and other types of vehicle logistics. Among them, the Inner Mongolia region invested more than 1000 pure electric buses and logistics vehicles, Heilongjiang also has nearly 200 buses running. As of September this year, with the optimum low battery electric vehicle has been in the winter minimum temperature of -38 degrees, -25 degrees of Xinjiang Heilongjiang railway Urumqi, Inner Mongolia Hohhot -23 degrees of northern frore area stable and smooth operation for more than 19 months. This is a major breakthrough in optimum technological innovation, is the best proof of optimum low battery performance.

A -20 C normal charge discharge and low battery from the first research into mass production, to the actual running test, not only demonstrates Waterma's technical level and social responsibility, but also means that in the northern area of our country to promote the pure electric vehicle has a mature solution. Since then, the north area of pure electric vehicles will get rid of the winter "nose" embarrassment, promote the application of new energy vehicles in China will achieve great leap in the snow and ice test!