OptimumNano Injecting New Energy Vehicles Surging Momentum

- Jan 20, 2018-

OptimumNano injecting new energy vehicles surging momentum


Nowadays, chill is hot. Ningxiang 150 new energy buses in the city quiet shuttle shuttle, the body with white and green, adds a warm green to the winter. By virtue of this, Ningxiang won the first place in the selection of "Green Bus" pilot cities and counties throughout the province.

    Soon after, the city will also have 451 new energy buses on the road, serving commuting, connecting and traveling around the world.

    All of these new energy vehicles core components - power batteries, all from Watmar.

    Contract 90 days, 55,000 square meters plant completed; the introduction of a group of driven. In the field of power battery, the most important part of new energy vehicles, the arrival of Shenzhen OptimumNano Battery Co., Ltd. ("Watma") injected strong momentum into Ningxiang and even the entire Hunan new energy automobile industry.

       A Watma, attracted a string of enterprises battery industry chain

    Batteries, motors, electric control, known as the three core components of new energy vehicles, and batteries are the core of the core. In the outlet of the rapid development of new energy vehicles, who can master the core technology, into a large-scale development, who will be able to stand on the market high ground.

    "Hunan automobile annual output has exceeded 1 million, the development of new energy vehicles strong momentum, while the most crucial power battery is short board, small businesses, small-scale, but this pattern is changing." Ningxiang High-tech Zone Investment Cooperation Yang Peng, deputy director of the bureau, said that Walter settled in Ningxiang has extraordinary significance.

    Yang Peng can be frankly introduced in the beginning of OptimumNano, Ningxiang High-tech Zone fancy is not only Watter in the field of battery technology and market advantages, but also as OptimumNano as the innovation alliance behind more than 1,000 Home member companies, including more than 70 listed companies powerful resources.

    Insiders analysis, in the current field of new energy vehicles, battery power accounts for 30% to 50% of the total cost. Such a key component, OEMs need more than three suppliers. The role of OEM drive radiation is very obvious.

    Prior to this, Hunan Shanshan, Bangpu cycle, has let Ningxiang power battery industry edge revealed. However, no batteries leading enterprises, there is no diaphragm, electrolyte companies, the industry chain is still incomplete.

 OptimumNano brought Ningxiang 2.4 billion yuan of investment, followed by a number of its core supporting companies within its innovation alliance: Hunan Lithium New Materials annual output of 400 million square meters lithium battery wet diaphragm production projects, input Over 1 billion yuan; Hunan sublimation technology lithium iron phosphate cathode material research and development production base project, Dongguan Hangsheng 20,000 tons of lithium-ion battery electrolyte production projects. These projects cover the major aspects of the industrial chain of lithium anode, cathode, separator, electrolyte, batteries and other industries, and are the top 10 domestic enterprises.

    A single lead enterprise becomes a complete lead chain. OptimumNano and its alliance members have successively entered the industry chain. The industrial chain has won the victory from all major leading companies in the upstream and downstream so that the Ningxiang High-tech Zone has become the most complete lithium battery industry chain. One of the most influential parks in the country, the "Energy Storage Valley" has taken shape.

       2 fast charge and low temperature charge, become OptimumNano core competitiveness

    Power battery is called the "heart" of electric vehicles, the "heart" can be stable beating, beating the length of time, it has become the key to its development. Short battery life, charging a long time, intolerance and other issues of low temperature, a new energy vehicles to restrict the promotion of the industry's pain point.

    There are pain points, there is a market; user pain point is the market explosion point.

    "Voightma has always relied on strong technology and advanced manufacturing capabilities to win word of mouth and market," said Zhong Mengguang, vice president of Watmar.

    "A refreshing refreshment time." Fast charging technology, become the core competitiveness of OptimumNano. Based on its leading high-rate fast-charge battery technology and super-shallow charge mode, pure EV with Watt battery can charge 10% for 10 minutes and 80% for 15 minutes, totally guarantee pure electric logistics, bus and commuter Car operating needs.

    "Normally minus 35 degrees Celsius discharge normal, minus 20 degrees Celsius normal charge." In the industry to solve the problem of low temperature,OptimumNano in the industry the first successful development of low temperature batteries. Today, 427 pure electric buses run smoothly in the frigid Hohhot. More pure electric buses equipped with Low temperature batteries have also endured extreme low temperatures of minus 38 degrees Celsius in Xinjiang, Heilongjiang and other places.

    On the running power battery, OptimumNano realize intelligent management. "Ningxiang is building a big data center, after which all batteries will be intelligent management." Li Wenfeng, director of Watman-Manning Township Branch, introduced that after the big data center is completed, by installing terminal equipment on the vehicle, each running Of the battery will be "traceable, traceable," remaining battery power, usage, etc., the background is crystal clear.

      3 OptimumNano Innovation Alliance, to create a green bus city

    Wal-Martin Township branch in the outer Ping, a car to be delivered neatly arranged electric buses. From the exterior view, it is no different from the ordinary bus, 10.5 meters long white body is dotted with a green symbol of new energy, spacious interior. However, once it is up and running, it immediately feels its difference: CVT not only gives the driver a more comfortable and simple handling feeling, but also gives passengers a quieter and smoother quality experience. Of course, the greater difference, It's energy saving and environmental protection.

    According to the calculation of 150 pure electric buses, it can save 2,963 tons of standard coal per year; reduce the emissions of major pollutants of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides to 220 tons and 110 tons respectively and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to 7,388 tons.

    The reduction in operating costs is also significant: compared to the current price of electricity and diesel, the cost of running a pure electric vehicle is reduced by about 30%.

    Wal-Mart's arrival, quickly Ningxiang "green bus" from the concept into reality. In less than a year, the battery produced by OptimumNanor, the new energy vehicle produced by the members of the OptimumNano Innovation Alliance, will enter every bus line in Ningxiang City. Ningxiang has become Hunan's first all-electric bus county-level cities.

    "Ningxiang model reproducibility is very strong, our vision is to make more cities into a city of green bus." Watt Manning Township Branch Manager Li Wenfeng said.

    At present, the OptimumNano Innovation Alliance has signed exclusive electric bus cooperation agreements with Changsha, Ningxiang, Chenzhou, Zixing, Yueyang and Miluo. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, the Union pure electric bus will exceed 3,000 in Hunan.

    ■ Comments

    The introduction of a living with the whole chain

    Shen Deliang

    Ningxiang introduction of Wattle, opened up the entire electric chain industry, to achieve the industrial chain from the upper reaches of the major leading enterprises to win the victory "Meeting", making Ningxiang High-tech Zone has become the lithium industry chain is the most complete, lithium in the field of lithium One of the most influential parks in the country has really brought about the introduction of a company and brought along the entire industrial chain.

    This year is the "industrial project construction year" set by the provincial party committee, which is the top priority of the province's economic work this year. However, to promote the project construction is by no means a simple stall. Nor is it a "low-level investment in the past where all the vegetables in the basket have been picked up." This requires that we focus our efforts on choosing projects that have the potential and stamina project.

    Focusing on the future development of Hunan Province, the provincial party committee and government identified 20 new advantageous industrial chains, which requires us to focus on key enterprises, understand and grasp where the upstream and downstream of these enterprises are, and within the boundaries of the province, the country and the world In what direction, targeted construction chain, make up chain, strong chain, around the industrial chain to enhance the value chain, deployment of innovation chain, improve the capital chain.

    It is a key move to promote Hunan's high-quality economic development by identifying the key points of work in the emerging advantageous industrial chains, vigorously promoting the building of a strong province, rejuvenating the real economy, accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system and continuously enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the region. Ningxiang introduction of OptimumNano's successful experience may be able to provide a useful reference for the rest of the province.

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    OptimumNano Innovation Alliance: to solve the problem of electric bus operation

    The promotion of new energy vehicles in full swing, but the high prices, charging difficult, low operational efficiency, control and other issues difficult to become a new energy bus to promote the process of "stumbling block."

    To this end, OptimumNano conducted a complete business model innovation, vertical opening up the industrial chain, horizontal joint more than 1,000 new energy-related enterprises, the establishment of the OptimumNano Innovation Alliance. With strong alliances resources, OptimumNano from the technical and model levels work together to tackle tough issues, launched a "vehicle rental, fixed-line move simultaneously, eight-year warranty, the main fast-dimensional dimension," the overall urban motorization solutions.

    On the one hand, through the combination of rent and sale, we provide 8-year warranty and daily Fill service to solve the problem of high purchase and operation costs of electric vehicles. On the other hand, the use of mover trucks and fixed charging piles to form a solid- Of the full-scale mode, the use of bus operations fragmented time, take the initiative to quickly charge 10 minutes charging 40 kilowatt hours, an increase of battery life of 50 km to solve the industry's widespread concern about the peacekeeping problem.

    In addition, relying on the Internet big data monitoring platform, real-time monitoring of vehicle operations, timely warning of vehicle battery power and fault, to ensure operational safety.