OptimumNano Innovation Alliance Find The New Energy Car To Share Economic Blue Ocean Market

- Oct 09, 2017-

Sharing the economy is undoubtedly the most concerned about this year's market form, sharing massage, sharing bicycles, sharing cars and other forms of sharing endless. September 22, Jinzhou municipal government and China Waters new energy automotive industry innovation alliance (hereinafter referred to as: Waterma Innovation Alliance), held in Liaoning Jinzhou 2017 China (Jinzhou) new energy automotive industry summit forum. Waters Innovation Alliance officially released a new energy sharing strategy, from the shared travel, sharing capacity, sharing of tourism and sharing the four aspects, to create a new energy ecological sharing platform.

Open the new energy car to share the economic blue ocean market

2017 was considered to share the first year of the economy, share the car brand springing up, of which the new energy vehicles become the main force to share the car. According to PwC and Ai media consulting and other agencies statistics, 2016 early, China's time-sharing car business about 30, the total number of vehicles more than 40,000, of which more than 95% for new energy vehicles. The next five years will increase the market growth rate of more than 50%, by 2020, the size of the fleet will reach 170,000, the overall market size will reach 9.28 billion yuan.

Ministry of Communications website related information shows that China's 92.7% of the car rental companies have less than 50 vehicles, of which the top five large enterprises market share of only 20%, while in the United States this data is 94%. For car rental companies, sharing the car is still a need to develop the blue ocean market.

"Integrated travel services are one of the trends in the global public transport industry, and innovative travel services are driving changes in the public transport industry, and shared buses will become the mainstream of China's shared travel services." China Public Transport Branch Chief Scientific Communications Professor Wang Jian pointed out at the forum.

Shared traffic into the 3.0 era

Compared with developed countries, China is still relatively weak in scale, network and branding. It needs to further strengthen the linkage of upstream and downstream industries, form economies of scale and dig deeper into share value. In this forum, the Waltman Innovation Alliance released "Waters Innovative Alliance Shared Strategy Report", for the first time put forward the "shared traffic 3.0" view.

The sharing strategy report pointed out that in the sharing of traffic 1.0, Uber and drip-based innovative companies, through continuous exploration to meet the needs of a large number of travel; to 2.0 period, the Government introduced the relevant policies to regulate the worship, OFO and other sharing The orderly delivery and use of bicycles. The model of industrial chain, represented by the Innovation Union, will officially end the 2.0 period, which is dominated by government guidance, and leads the shared traffic into the 3.0 period.

"In the era of shared travel 3.0, Waltman Innovation Alliance will break through a single enterprise restrictions, to build the upstream and downstream industry chain to share, to promote the sharing of traffic in the direction of mature and mature, the formation of economies of scale." Waters Innovation Alliance Secretary Wang Weijiang said that the Waltman Innovation Alliance will be joint parts companies, vehicle manufacturing companies and alliance 4 + 1 operating companies to promote the Union more than 1,000 industrial chain enterprises in the market, technology and resources to share, with the Union of technology Accumulation and operational experience, to promote the industry to enter the shared travel 3.0 era, so that green and efficient landing.

As the domestic new energy automotive industry's largest industry alliance, Waters Innovation Alliance this time to release a new energy sharing strategy, strong into the share of new energy automotive market, is expected to promote the development of the industry, "catfish."

Sharing strategy to build a new energy ecological sharing platform


It is reported that the Wal-Mart Innovation Alliance released a new energy sharing strategy, from the shared travel, sharing capacity, shared travel and sharing the four life scenes such as filling, driving green sharing really landed, the role of the Union will also be the new energy vehicles Industrial chain collaboration innovation platform into a new energy ecological sharing platform.

In terms of shared travel, the Watermark Innovation Alliance will create a green shared mode of transport through three shared sharing of passenger cars, municipal car sharing and commuter sharing. In the people Fu Wo can enter the pure electric bus market, in the fertile green source to build commuter cars to share the leader on the basis of the Waltz Innovation Alliance next to the force of passenger cars to share the market. It is expected that by 2020, the vice chairman of the Union to enjoy the open will be put on pure electric passenger car 200,000, focusing on the development of time-sharing leasing, network bus and other sharing platform.


In terms of shared capacity, the Innovation Alliance will focus on building a green logistics sharing model. The vice president of the Union unit of the new wave of capacity capacity of the platform, the existing vehicles and external social vehicles into the new energy capacity pool, and then through the logistics information large data platform to achieve orders, warehousing, vehicles, location and other types of information sharing, For the owner of the enterprise, transport companies, logistics enterprises, logistics platform companies and individual drivers to provide integrated packaging services.

In addition, the Waltman Innovation Alliance has also launched a "shared tourism", through its "land, sea and air" a full range of products and platforms to achieve from pure electric buses, pure electric RV to pure electric sightseeing boat and pure electric aircraft Leasing sharing, to create a green shared tourism overall solution for eco-tourism to provide all-round, multi-dimensional, three-dimensional tourism new experience.

In order to ensure the efficient operation of pure electric vehicles, Waters Innovation Alliance also launched a multi-win-win main fast filling mode - shared filling. Union's new energy vehicle filling service company Yuewo technology, self-built charging pile / station and social charging pile into the operating platform to achieve resource sharing, through the creation of intelligent charging network innovation model to solve the problem of difficult to recharge new energy vehicles , To promote the popularity and development of electric vehicles.