OptimumNano Into The Field Of Passenger Cars

- May 08, 2017-

May 2, the Ministry of Industry officially released the "new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory" (2017 fourth batch), the first equipped with OptimumNano battery Huatai new energy XEV260 successful finalists, marking the OptimumNano in the ride The car market officially Lazi.


This fleet of models equipped with OptimumNano battery models in a total of 9 special vehicles, 10 passenger cars and a passenger car. Including the new transport 4 * 2 and FAW 4 * 2 two pure electric heavy truck models and micro-face, refrigerated trucks, blue card light truck, heavy truck and other special vehicles; bus models cover passenger cars, 8.5 meters bus, 10.5 meters bus , 12 meters bus, 11 meters commuter car and so on.

Huatai new energy XEV260


Passenger car, this selected fourth group of Huatai new energy XEV260 Shanghai Auto Show last month, a grand debut, and as Huatai Automobile together Shuguang Automobile Group to create a luxury new debut.



Modeling, Huatai new energy XEV260 SUV models basically continued the design concept of the new Santa Fe, the new car's front grille, headlights Deng Mei, LED daytime running lights at the top, roof, wheel cover and Side skirts and other parts are integrated into the blue design to highlight the identity of its new energy models.

Configuration, the XEV260 top with the distinguished type is equipped with automatic wipers, automatic air conditioning, car Wi-Fi function, 12 speakers, etc., and comes standard with a key to start, smart key entry, 10-inch instrument panel, Adjustment, ISOFIX child safety seat fixture, body stability system and other configurations.



In terms of power, the XEV260 is equipped with a liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum output power of 109 hp and a peak torque of 220 Nm. Driving motor battery pack equipped with a Waters battery, the power of 34.2kWh, integrated maximum mileage of 170km, constant cruise maximum mileage of 210km.

OptimumNano The official Loka Passenger Car, will also benefit from the growth of passenger cars for future performance growth into the booster. April 25, OptimumNano head company JianRuiWoNeng release the company in 2017 a quarterly, and table OptimumNano after the JRWN in the first quarter to achieve sales revenue of 2.783 billion yuan, an increase of 3615.27%, as 2017 The first quarter results "growth king". Among them, OptimumNano lithium-ion battery (group) to achieve operating income of 2.494 billion yuan, net profit of 276 million yuan, lithium-ion battery (group) the actual sales of 1.11Gwh, up 65% over the same period last year to achieve the production and marketing by leaps and bounds development of.




As the domestic power battery manufacturers before the top three of the Walter Ma, is also accelerating the power battery to the high-end breakthrough for the passenger car market rupture savings energy. At the end of April 2017 China's new energy automotive industry summit forum, OptimumNano Group President Li Jinlin first proposed S.M.A.R.T wisdom Watma strategy, from product safety, market-oriented, automation, recycling and technological innovation and other five aspects, Promote the development of new energy automotive industry to the depth.


President Lee disclosed that Waters core technology battery energy density has been achieved single WED up to 145Wh / Kg, the system WED up to 115Wh / Kg, while full of full discharge cycle life of more than 4000 times, shallow shallow release cycle life of more than 8000 times, into Group to meet 3-4C fast charge.


The future, OptimumNano will give full play to their own technical and resource advantages, together Dongfeng, FAW and so on the passenger car market to provide more powerful driving force.