OptimumNano Wins 2017 Innovation Prize For New Energy Vehicle Leaders Summit

- Dec 22, 2017-

Innovation win!OptimumNano Wins 2017 Innovation Prize for New Energy Vehicle Leaders Summit

On December 21, "2017 (3rd) China New Energy Vehicle Leader Summit" was held in Beijing. The summit was organized by CCID Research Institute of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and co-organized by New Energy Auto. Sun Fengchun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wu Bao-gui, chief engineer of CCID Research Institute of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and An Qingheng, director of China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee attended the meeting. Many leaders of government departments, heads of relevant associations, industry experts and business elites came together to carry out policy interpretation, hot spots analysis and industry outlook, jointly contributing suggestions to the new energy automobile industry. At the summit awards, OptimumNano won the "Technology Innovation Award" with the industry-leading technical strength.

OptimumNano gains "Technology Innovation Award"

Technological innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for the development of automobile industry. Since its inception, OptimumNano always adhere to the "innovation is king" concept of development. As of November 2017, the total number of patent applications has exceeded 1,900. The major technical indicators are at the leading level in the world. In particular, breakthrough results have been achieved in the two core technologies of low-temperature battery technology and fast charge technology.

OptimumNanor's industry-leading low-temperature battery technology

In the field of cryogenic technology, OptimumNano has successfully developed a low-temperature battery that can discharge normally at minus 35 ℃ and charge normally at minus 20 ℃. Up till now, pure electric vehicles equipped with low-temperature battery of OptimumNano have been stable and run smoothly for more than 20 months in Heilongjiang Tieli, Urumqi, Xinjiang and Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. This is a major breakthrough in the technical innovation of Watermar and the best proof of the good performance of Watmar's low temperature battery.

Wattle original fast charge technology

In the fast charge technology, OptimumNano high-rate rechargeable battery can be 6C single charge and discharge, grouped up to 3-4C charge. Group charging speed is 2-4 times the conventional charging mode, charging 15min SOC recharge can achieve 80%, to protect the vehicle life. Fundamentally solve the new energy vehicle industry life is short, charging a long time difficult problems, promote the application of new energy vehicles to clear the obstacles.

Li Yao, chairman of the OptimumNano Group, won the "Leader of the Year Award"

In addition, Chairman Li Yao won the "Leader of the Year Award" with outstanding innovation, influence and leadership in the field of new energy vehicles.

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Voightma delivered the keynote address on "China's Future Mobility"

At the summit held in the same period, Chairman of the Board of Walter China Group, Zhong Mengguang, delivered a wonderful speech entitled "Future China Power" and innovatively put forward the view that the future trend of "four modernizations" will be "low carbonization, network interconnection, intelligence. At the same time, it explained to the on-site guests that as the supplier of power battery for the core components of new energy vehicles, OptimumNano plays the three roles of "new energy provider, shared driver and green practitioner" in future travel. Finally, he said that Wortmar hopes to further strengthen its cooperation with the upstream and downstream industries to create more cost-effective and cost-effective new energy vehicles in terms of product applications and technological innovation, so that pure electric vehicles can be marketed to ordinary people and allowed Everyone can enjoy the new energy future.