Overseas Cobalt Market Is Facing Downward Pressure Downstream Rational Wait And See

- Jul 25, 2017-

This week, the price of cobalt outside the disk slightly lower, the summer break season is not strong buying, the outer disk has a certain downward pressure. Domestic cobalt products trading into a stable period, the overall market trading market steady. The digital market is still off-season, manufacturers orders stability, and the power market, due to the first half of the new energy vehicle sales less than expected, the battery manufacturers still have some inventory, material plant prices are weak, power market cobalt products trading is still in the consumption of inventory stage.

Cobalt: domestic consumption is not enough to make the enthusiasm of importers procurement frustration, metal cobalt and intermediate goods to a long single-based implementation, overseas and temporary summer break, buyers and sellers stalemate. Overseas prices are weak has not yet hit the major domestic manufacturers and importers of the offer, although the offer has not been adjusted, but the actual transaction is indeed a headache for holders of goods, and the current Kai real cobalt tablets spot fell to 38 million / ton Did not achieve substantial trading volume, the overall consumption was weak pattern. SMM electrolytic cobalt current price of 39-403 million / ton, the average price fell last week, 1,500 yuan / ton.

Cobalt tetroxide: This week the two cobalt oxide market polarization market continued, the general model of four cobalt is still trading light, large particles and other high-voltage high-quality four cobalt demand stability, the transaction price steady. Digital off-season is not over, there is no significant increase in demand for lithium cobalt oxide, the mainstream transaction prices rose weak, and the monthly purchase is not frequent, this week, four cobalt transactions. SMM three cobalt oxide current price of 335-355 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged last week.

Cobalt oxide: Cobalt oxide market this week is still consumed in the inventory stage, no large turnover orders, the hands of raw materials and product manufacturers sufficient, is expected to short-term mainstream transaction price steady. SMM cobalt oxide current price of 298-308 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged from last week. Cobalt powder market turnover this week is not large, downstream manufacturers are still in the consumption of inventory stage, short-term no large purchase needs. SMM cobalt powder price 450-480 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged last week.

Cobalt salt: Cobalt salt market this week, the continuation of the market last week, the face of the current lack of buying the status quo, cobalt salt manufacturers to avoid the lower reaches of the risk of low-cost sell into the psychological, offer is still strong. However, high-priced transactions sporadic, the mainstream transaction changes little. And because the 3C digital market is more stable than the power market, the demand for cobalt chloride is more stable than cobalt sulfate, cobalt chloride manufacturers bargaining power relative to cobalt sulfate stronger. SMM cobalt chloride current price of 92-98 yuan / kg, the average price increase of 1 yuan / kg last week. SMM cobalt sulfate price of 78-83 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged last week.

Lithium cobalt oxide: digital off-season has not been, lithium cobalt oxide market this week is still steady. Manufacturers orderly production, orders sufficient, small factory transactions still no significant improvement. Lithium cobalt oxide market this week, a steady steady. Shanghai colored iron mesh cobalt oxide price of 385-395 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged last week.

Ternary material: ternary material market this week is more stable. Manufacturers under the orderly demand for downstream shipments, but because of the strong bargaining power of the battery factory, ternary material prices difficult to pull up, the mainstream transaction prices steady. Ternary precursor market turnover this week, small, in addition to individual manufacturers, the precursor manufacturers still have some inventory in the hands. SMM ternary precursor (523 type) price of 95-100 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged last week. SMM ternary material (523 type) price of 175-180 yuan / kg, the average price unchanged last week.

Forecast: This week the domestic cobalt product market turnover continued steady, the volume level is not large. In the first half of the new energy vehicle sales less than expected, coupled with subsidy slope, the battery factory more pressure on the upper reaches of the battery material bargaining more powerful. And now overseas cobalt skyrocketing only, cathode material manufacturers prices are weak, the upper reaches of the raw material high offer rational wait and see, the reaction of cold. Shanghai non-ferrous net that is now outside the disk steady and implicit downward pressure, power market demand slow release, coupled with the major positive material plant is also actively seeking stable supply of raw materials channels, cobalt high offer will gradually implement.