Power Battery A New Round Of Expansion Of The Curtain Opened South China Station Investigation Started Next Week

- Mar 13, 2017-

March 9, Fujian lion new energy annual capacity of 1GWh ternary power lithium battery (a) production ceremony in the Zhaoan Jindu Industrial Park held a grand. It is understood that the lion new energy three yuan power lithium battery project covers an area of 450 acres, a total investment of 3 billion yuan, the total capacity of 6GWH, the annual output can be equipped with 200,000 electric vehicles.

In fact, from the end of last year, a lot of power battery companies such as BYD, Ningde era, the country Xuan Hi-Tech have been released to expand production news. High power lithium grid preliminary statistics since the beginning of January this year, investment expansion battery manufacturers found that the amount of investment has more than 27.5 billion yuan.


In fact, investment expansion has become the focus of the battery business 2017 layout of the task. In the end the whole power battery market cake how much? As a leader in supply chain resources and capital integration, GIGABYTE initiated the 2017 "National Relying Product of Relying on the Lithium Supply Chain", and began to work with the leading manufacturers of lithium in the third quarter of the country. In-depth tour research, close understanding of the battery business needs, capacity scale.

The current investigation of the specific content is as follows: research current lithium batteries, PACK enterprises (power battery-based) investment scale, technical route, production capacity, production, development plans, production and marketing strategies; research current lithium batteries, PACK enterprises and core suppliers (Such as equipment, materials, etc.) cooperation, sales, development planning, etc .; various types of lithium battery enterprise supply chain import cycle and links, the existing supply chain structure, there are bottlenecks, enhance demand and integration strategy; lithium battery business sales network, Business model, promotion strategy and other market operations status and planning.

According to the latest Organizing Committee latest revealed that the current power battery tour South China Station has been identified to visit the route, March 13 officially launched, March 31 end. Looking for power battery companies include: Tianjin shares, BAK, Hui Tong world, Pearl Guangyu, Maike, Dongguan Zhenhua, Haiying Technology, Yinlong new energy, Dongguan Chong Ming, Yan Wanda, billion Peng new energy, Peng Hui energy, Miaosheng power, Far East Foster, Hunan Thornton, Guangxi Zhuo Neng, industry Cheung crystal Branch, Hunan three Xun, Jiangxi Dorset, Fu can, Xinhua battery a total of 21 battery business.

2017 high-power lithium sponsored by the "lithium supply chain of good products nationwide tour research activities" sponsored by the sea star star title, and access to today's international, Peng Xiang arrived, Su Da Huicheng, Shanghai built thinking, Yu Chen automation 5 Lithium enterprises throughout the sponsorship.

In this roving investigation, the tour team will communicate with the battery executives, technical research institutes, grassroots employees and other face-to-face communication, and the production workshop field research, thus accumulating a wealth of power battery market, the actual operation of the data; Large-scale seminars and salons, invited partners to face to face communication, sharing failure and successful experience, to promote the lithium industry chain upstream and downstream cooperation.