Real Cooperation Should Join Hands Kaisheng Technology To Set Up A Joint Venture Company To Implement 1GWh Energy Storage Projects

- Mar 03, 2017-

Chairman of Taiwan Taiwan Glass Group, Chairman of the Board of the Company, Mr. Lin Bo-shi, Chairman of the Board of the Company, signed a joint venture with Kaisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd., which is owned by China National Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. - Kaisheng Real Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as " The

High power lithium battery learned that the establishment of Kaisheng real Lian is mainly to invest in an annual output of 1GWh energy storage containers and household energy storage box products. The project annual output value of up to 4 billion yuan, the initial total investment of 100 million yuan project, Kaisheng real registered capital of 50 million yuan, the project line is located in the real long Yancheng plant existing plant.

It is reported that Kaisheng Technology is the national Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, with two engineering and technology research center in Anhui Province, the provincial enterprise technology center 2, and in 2002 listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The construction of the project is conducive to Yancheng Economic Development Zone, photovoltaic photovoltaic and new energy automotive industry growth, will greatly promote the development of Yancheng Development Zone energy storage industry.

 Real energy storage container and household energy storage box has the advantages of small footprint, easy installation and transportation, short construction period, strong adaptability to environment and high intelligence. It can be applied to microgrid, distributed power generation, intelligent Power grid, renewable energy smooth access and other scenes, in order to achieve wind, light and other renewable energy applications to provide strong support, but also can be used as a mobile emergency power supply for the country's stable development of electricity to provide action support.