Shenzhen At The End Of September All The Electric Power Of The Remaining 3,000 To Be Replaced

- Feb 24, 2017-

"Before the end of September 2017, Shenzhen to achieve 100% pure electric drive.

In early February, the sixty-eight executive meeting of the sixth session of the Shenzhen Municipal Government examined and approved the "Shenzhen Atmospheric Environmental Quality Improvement Program (2017-2020)", which was put forward at the end of September this year. Before the city of Shenzhen bus to achieve all the electric.

From the proposed plan to the "100% pure electric drive" to achieve the middle of only the remaining time of 7 months or so, while the number of Shenzhen bus up to 14,000 or so, so short time to successfully complete the plan?

To this end, the reporter called the Shenzhen new energy promotion leading group assistant director Lu Xiangzhen, find out.

"Gap only 3,000"

In accordance with the above plan, Shenzhen before the end of September this year, the number of new electric buses need to increase the number of vehicles?

In this regard, Lu Xiangzhen given a clear answer, "Shenzhen before the end of September this year, the number of new electric buses need to add less than 3,000."

"As of the end of last year, the number of pure electric buses in Shenzhen reached more than 10,000 vehicles, has completed the '100% pure electric drive' most of the task." Lu Xiangzhen exclusive to the side of the network revealed that at present, Electric bus models for the diversification, not only 12 meters models, there are 8 meters -12 meters of various types of different body length models.

At the same time, running in Shenzhen pure electric buses from a number of brands to BYD-based, a small number of brands for the Nanjing Jinlong, Wuzhou Long, ZTE Guangtong.

"At present, the number of BYD pure electric buses in Shenzhen is about 8,000 vehicles, accounting for about 4/5." Another person familiar with this disclosure.

In addition, Lu Xiangzhen also revealed that "this year to be added 3,000 pure electric buses, will be completed by the three bus companies, the next bus company will begin to do public bidding." Lu Zhenzhen stressed that the specific tender, the government does not Will intervene, that belongs to the bus company's business behavior.

"Even if the subsidy is reduced, the difficulty of achieving the goal is not big"

Although Shenzhen this year, only need to add about 3000 pure electric buses, will be able to achieve "100% pure electric commons" plan objectives, but in 2017 pure electric bus subsidies fell in the overall situation, the goal of the 3000 Will it be very difficult?

Bus industry professionals are clear, according to the end of last year, the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries jointly issued "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the application of financial subsidies policy notice" (2017 new energy passenger car subsidy standards), pure electric bus financial subsidies Down, such as more than 10 meters pure electric bus bicycle maximum subsidy is only 30 million, down 40%. In addition, the new subsidy standard also provides that the amount of local subsidies can not exceed 50% of the central government bicycle subsidies.

Industry insiders said that such a substantial reduction in the subsidy standards, will quickly bring in 2017 January pure electric bus production across the board collapse. In addition, in January the Ministry of Industry and the number of certificates show that the month of pure electric bus production is only 31.

In this situation, Shenzhen this year to be able to successfully complete about 3,000 pure electric bus procurement?

"In the local subsidies, we must also be in accordance with national standards to strictly enforcing, but in the latter part of the vehicle operation can be considered to give some subsidies.Carrier operations and social vehicles, itself depends on local finance, for its losses Place, the financial itself will give subsidies. "Lu Xiangzhen said so.

100% bus electricization Shenzhen took only 6 years

If the plan is completed on schedule, Shenzhen should be the first bus all the pure electric city, but its start is not the earliest, and the late years of the promotion process can be described as "twists and turns."

In 2013, when the interview with Lu Xiangzhen, the information is, Shenzhen to promote pure electric bus started late, from the beginning of 2012 only batch delivery, but in the year reached 1253 scale. This makes, Shenzhen in 2012 almost became the domestic promotion of pure electric buses the highest number of cities.

However, after 2012, Shenzhen, the original set of 1,000 pure electric bus every year plan has not been implemented as scheduled. From 2013 to the end of August 2015, this nearly three years, Shenzhen has no longer put a pure electric bus, which the reasons are not publicly disclosed.

Until September 2015, Shenzhen once again entered the pure electric bus to promote the full lane. From September 2015 to the end of 2016, Shenzhen suddenly added about 9,000 pure electric buses. As of the end of 2016, Shenzhen has a pure electric bus more than 10,000 vehicles in the street operations.

Concluding remarks

If this year's plan can be successfully completed, I believe that Shenzhen is the first bus all the pure electric city, the future will appear the second, the third "100% pure electric bus" of the city?

The power of example is infinite.