Solid-state Battery Volume Reduction Electric Car Battery Life Will Be Improved

- Mar 01, 2017-

This two years, the electric car has become the mainstream, foreign Tesla brought a wave of electric vehicles, domestic and foreign some of the traditional car manufacturers have begun to set foot in the electric car industry, after all, the new energy is the future.

But because last year the country for the new energy vehicle subsidies for the audit mechanism is not perfect, resulting in a lot of new energy manufacturers leave, in order to obtain the amount of subsidies for new energy vehicles. This year's audit mechanism to adjust the new energy vehicle subsidies are reduced a lot, after 2020, China's new energy subsidies will be completely canceled, if the intention to buy a new energy vehicles, small partners can consider whether to start the problem, after all, subsidies can be a lot cheaper.

Referred to the new energy vehicles would have to mention the battery technology, and now the main new energy or energy-based. At present, the new energy car manufacturers most attention or battery, after all, the core of new energy vehicles is the endurance, car comfort and the like are built on the basis of endurance, how can improve the battery life? This is the direction of new energy manufacturers have been research and development.

Not long ago, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) revealed that they were working with the University of Miami to develop a new type of solid-state battery. The solid-state battery is smaller than traditional lithium batteries and can be used in miniature satellites such as "CubeSats".

The new battery occupies only one-third of the existing battery space, thus saving a lot of space, which is not a baking machine large CubeSat (small satellite) is very important.

The advantages of the battery is not only reflected in the volume, if the use of the appropriate structural components, it also has anti-collision, moisture, fire and other properties. The research team hopes that the technology can become a safe and effective energy storage method, and in a number of areas to achieve the application.

Of course, it is undeniable that a major flaw in solid-state batteries is the cost of the problem, which is the main reason to limit its business. For example, the cost of a liquid lithium battery is about $ 200 to $ 300 / kWh, and if you use the existing technology to make a smart phone powered solid-state battery, the cost will reach $ 15,000. The price is still very high, but it is undeniable that this is a change for the battery.

The battery size reduced by one third and can be a good guarantee of battery stability, which means that if used in mobile phones, battery life will become three times before, no longer need to go out to play with charge And the like. Which can expand the internal space of the phone, after all, always reduce the proportion of the battery is easy to trouble, the bombing of the incident or less.

In addition, the battery reduction for the electric car is undoubtedly a gospel, you can directly enhance the battery life three times, that is only 500 km electric car will be able to reach 1500 km. Of course, the number of kilometers is still only imagined, after all, also need to consider other reasons, the other high prices will make a lot of new energy car manufacturers discouraged. However, since the technology has already started research and development, I believe that soon after, with the cost reduction, the price will have a corresponding adjustment, it touches can be used for business.