Star Source Material To Be 1.6 Billion Yuan To Build An Annual Output Of 360 Million Square Meters Wet Diaphragm Project

- Mar 09, 2017-

On March 6, 2017, the Company signed an investment cooperation agreement with the Changzhou Economic Development Zone Management Committee of Jiangsu Province. It intends to set up a new company invested by the Company in Changzhou Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province to invest 1.6 billion yuan. Yuan building an annual output of 360 million square meters of lithium battery diaphragm project.

Star source material to be 1.6 billion yuan to build an annual output of 360 million square meters wet diaphragm project


   "The future of new energy passenger cars, wet diaphragm may have more opportunities, dry diaphragm will be in the new energy commercial vehicles, energy storage, power tools to show their skills.".

Prior to this, the source material to meet the company and the state-owned Hi-Tech's own capacity expansion and product replacement needs, to achieve complementary advantages, the company and the country Xuan Hi-Tech affiliated companies Hefei Guoxuan and other parties in January 2016 jointly set up Hefei star source, Construction of six high-performance lithium-ion battery separator production line, 12 multi-functional ceramic coated diaphragm production line and five polymer coating production line. At present, the above production line is under construction.

Star source material is the early development of the coating technology of the diaphragm manufacturers, with polymer coating, ceramic coating, ceramic polymer mixed coating, nano-composite coating technology. 2016 companies and foreign outstanding equipment manufacturers, the successful development of double-sided simultaneous coating equipment, in the efficiency of the leading domestic level.

In addition, the company independently designed and synthesized a new type of nano-composite materials for diaphragm coating, the newly developed nano-composite diaphragm at the same time with ceramic diaphragm and polymer diaphragm advantages, while ensuring high temperature performance, and maintain the close adhesion , A significant reduction in cell resistance and interface impedance, thereby enhancing the battery safety.

Benefited from the new energy vehicle market hot, 2016 the company achieved operating income of 506 million yuan, an increase of 18.97%; to achieve attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 155 million yuan, an increase of 31.34%.

Star source material that the next three years, the company will be through technological progress and product innovation, and further enhance the power of lithium-ion battery separator consistency, stability and security, continue to maintain and deepen with BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Tianjin God , Universal Group, Jie Granville power and other domestic first-line well-known lithium-ion battery manufacturers stable relations of cooperation, improve customer cooperation depth, increase the power lithium battery separator and digital lithium battery separator marketing efforts to further improve the company's domestic market share.