Subsidy Back To Slope To Know The Price Of Electric Car Terminal Price Of About 10,000 Yuan

- Feb 20, 2017-

New Deal under the subsidy policy will make new energy vehicles car subsidies less year by year, to improve the cost of people's car. New energy vehicles this year will not price? How up? When to rise How much? The face of the people are concerned about the issue of new energy vehicles, the author told the relevant person in charge of the electric charge of a telephone interview.

According to the New Deal, 2017 new energy countries car subsidies will be based on 2016 on the basis of 20% slope reduction, local subsidies do not exceed 50% of central bicycle subsidies. It is understood that most of the current car prices are on this year's product prices have been adjusted, informed beans electric car official said, will also be based on the actual market situation, adjust their sales policy and product prices, the terminal is expected to price 1 Million or so.

The person in charge at the same time said that it would share the price difference due to subsidized land reclamation by improving the product research and development ability, upgrading the technical level, optimizing the supply chain, realizing the scale and pursuing the innovative marketing mode.

In the author's view, with the increasing rate of land reclamation, will force enterprises to speed up the improvement of technology, reduce costs and enhance core competitiveness, and ultimately promote the new energy automotive industry growth from policy support to market promotion, The development of energy vehicles in the long run is a good thing.