Taiyuan To Build The World's First Pure Electric Taxi City

- Feb 20, 2017-

Shanxi, due to coal and Xing, but also because of coal and trapped In the "one coal dominance" of the industrial structure, the Shanxi coal industry, the heavy ship recently broke down. In the process of structural reform of the supply side, as a large province of energy, Shanxi has entered a new stage of comprehensive transformation of economic development and economic structure, both the coal industry and the whole economy need to rejuvenate and innovate in the transformation and innovation.

2016, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, proposed to accelerate the development of new energy automotive industry to support the construction of new energy vehicles and consumer base construction, in the industrial upgrading at the same time, promote power consumption, to solve the electricity accounted for the proportion of terminal energy consumption is not high, Improve the efficiency of supply, and homeopathy to "create the world's first pure electric taxi city" goal, to create "green traffic" city card, improve the quality of urban atmospheric environment. An inland provinces, a second-tier cities, Taiyuan, why aimed at the new energy automotive industry? We may wish to find out.

At present, Taiyuan City, six districts within the scope of the city to obtain a permit to operate a total of 8292 taxis, starting from 2015, these dual-use old-fashioned taxis have reached the retirement age. The taxi update work, Taiyuan municipal government combined with urban industrial transformation strategy, decided to update all for pure electric vehicles.

As of December 7, 2016, Taiyuan City has completed the formalities and put into operation pure electric taxi 8155, accounting for 98% of the total, the year is expected to complete all updated. The replacement of the BYD e6 pure electric vehicle, equipped with advanced intelligent terminal, inside and outside the camera and service evaluator, driving and driving environment improved significantly. At the same time, supporting the construction of urban filling pile more than 5,000, all over the main road.

Taiyuan has become the first to achieve pure electric taxi city, is the world's pure electric taxis to maintain the largest city, all this can not do without the strong support of economic policy.

December 2015, Shanxi Province promulgated the "on accelerating the development of the electric vehicle industry and promote the use of the implementation of the views" (hereinafter referred to as "the implementation of opinions") and "2016 electric car industry development and promotion of action plan" to build " Coal - electric - car "industry chain development ideas.

"Implementation Opinions" clearly pointed out that by 2020, Shanxi Province, the province's electric car production capacity of 120,000 or more, electric vehicle market holdings of more than 200,000, the formation of covering the province, rational layout, efficient and intelligent charging service network, To meet the needs of electric vehicles to promote the application.

Subsequently, Taiyuan City, one after another, "Taiyuan Electric Vehicle Industry Base Development Plan (2015-2020)" and "Taiyuan City Gas Vehicle Industry Base Development Plan (2015-2020)".

Development plan pointed out that by 2020, Taiyuan electric vehicle industry and strive to form a bus, a passenger car electric vehicle business and 5 to 8 key parts of the scale of enterprises, electric vehicle production is expected to reach 20,000, the output value To reach 50 billion yuan, with the core components of electric vehicle independent research and development and industrialization capacity, the construction of rechargeable power station 20, charging pile 3000, electric vehicle industry base basically completed.

At the same time, December 22, 2015, the Shanxi provincial government and the Taiyuan municipal government and BYD Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation and investment agreement, out of the development of new energy automotive industry, the first step. Shanxi government has clearly recognized that: in the current economic downturn, coal prices continue to fall and tight constraints of resources and environment, the "single coal" industrial structure is not sustainable, economic development is facing severe challenges, we must adjust the industrial structure , To accelerate the transformation of development. The face of economic development of the new normal, play the advantages of Shanxi energy industry, not only to grasp the power generation, the coal into electricity, but also to grab electricity, and effectively improve the power consumption capacity, including the development of new energy vehicles, including new industries Way, adjust the structure of the important content.

Want to build electric car investment depression, improve the number of pure electric vehicles, build new energy vehicles to promote the city sample is only the first step. To this end, the provincial and municipal levels of government in the development of new energy automotive industry has given strong support.

To replace the BYD e6 pure electric car in Taiyuan, for example, the market price of the car is 30.98 million yuan, after the national, provincial and municipal levels of subsidies, the taxi owner only need to pay 89,800 yuan to buy cars, purchase price and before Plans to replace the oil and gas dual fuel car price quite, did not give the owner to add an additional car burden. (Taiyuan will charge the price is divided into peak, valley, flat 3 hours, the total price per kilowatt (including service fee 0.45 yuan / kWh) up to 1.214 yuan, the lowest 0.7609 yuan. Charge a power, will be able to meet the day , And the cost of electricity is less than $ 200.

In addition, BYD e6 pure electric taxi mileage of up to 400 km (according to the seasonal temperature changes), the amount of electricity from 20% to 100% to about 1.5 hours, fully filled about two hours, a total of 80 degrees.

Taiyuan will charge the price is divided into peak, valley, flat 3 hours, the total price per kilowatt (including service fee 0.45 yuan / kWh) up to 1.214 yuan, the lowest 0.7609 yuan. The driver only need every night or traffic jams peak, or eat rest time to pay a charge, will be able to achieve the charging time and operating time reasonable distribution to meet the operational requirements throughout the day, and the day spent less than 200 yuan electricity.

Compared to the fuel truck maintenance "oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, air filter", pure electric vehicle maintenance frequency is much lower than the traditional fuel vehicles, just replace the "air conditioning filter", maintenance easier. Reasonable price of the car, low operating costs, low maintenance costs and other advantages, greatly accelerating the Taiyuan pure electric taxi replacement pace.

In March this year, BYD started in Taiyuan to establish a new energy vehicle base, is expected to invest 4 billion yuan, two projects completed, the annual output value will reach 15 billion yuan.

In addition, the new energy vehicles as the industry to adjust the new growth point, to speed up the consumption of surplus coal is also a major government point of view. Shanxi Province by the letter issued by the data show that in 2015, Shanxi Province, generating capacity of 24.57 billion degrees, down 7%.