Taking Advantage Of The Potential Is Imperative OptimumNano China Tower To Explore New Ideas

- Dec 06, 2017-

Taking advantage of the potential is imperative OptimumNano China Tower to explore new ideas

On January 28, Jiang Yanji, general manager of China Tower Energy Innovation Center and his entourage, made a special trip to OptimumNano to learn more about the utilization of water battery in the power plant and the technical difficulties and related problems that may exist in the specific use of the battery. The issue and Li Jinlin, president of OptimumNano Group, conducted in-depth discussions and expected to bring about project cooperation between the two sides.

During the investigation, Jiang Yanji and his entourage visited the OptimumNano Group Digital Exhibition Hall, Battery Research Institute, Wisdom Workshop and Big Data Center to inspect the production and operation situation and R & D strength of OptimumNano.

Li Jinlin, president of OptimumNano Group, focuses on the construction and planning of the OptimumNano storage field

At the symposium, President Lee introduced the achievements made by OptimumNano in technological innovation in recent years as well as the construction and planning of energy storage field to General Manager Jiang. He pointed out that OptimumNano has successfully established four energy storage application systems for energy storage and power station system, mobile energy storage system, home energy storage system and operation monitoring system, spearheaded the innovation of energy storage technology and took the lead in setting up the Energy Storage Research Institute. With technological accumulation Establish energy storage station. OptimumNano storage plant to OptimumNano battery research and development technology as the support, with high system conversion efficiency, long operating life, fire and backstage big data platform can monitor the system, high security and other advantages.

In order to seize the power battery echelon to use the market heights, Walter layout in advance, the first study of battery recycling technology and mode, the layout of the recovery system to achieve the new energy automotive industry eco-closed-loop operations. At present, OptimumNano has started the power battery recycling project, based on the construction of reverse logistics recycling network, combined with OptimumNano Innovation Alliance vehicle companies, raw materials manufacturing enterprises to form a complete power battery recycling industry chain.

Both sides talk and exchange

Jiang Zongtao highly recognized the technical reserves and R & D results of the Power Battery in power battery recycling, and agreed very much with Walter's philosophy of technological innovation and quality assurance. He said that since its establishment, Tie Tie has always adhered to the structural reform on the supply side, adhered to innovation-driven development and adhered to the market-oriented allocation of resources. At present, it has formed a pattern of sharing resources and entered a new phase of full operation and development. For a long time, China Tower has been actively promoting the use of decommissioned batteries for electric vehicles and has been devoted to solving the handling problems after the retirement of the national electric vehicle's power battery. However, OptimumNano is a powerful and mission-oriented enterprise. The "echelon utilization" cooperation project expresses expectations.

As a state-level high-tech enterprise,OptimumNano will actively respond to the national call and give full play to its technological advantages in the utilization of power battery echelon to create a steady stream of "core" power for the healthy and sustainable development of the new energy industry.