Ten New Electric Car Manufacturers Who Are The Ultimate Dark Horse?

- Feb 21, 2017-

March 2016 so far, there have been ten new pure electric passenger car construction project was approved by the Development and Reform Commission. Ten companies, there are veterans also have veterans, the strength can not be underestimated. There is no doubt that the domestic new energy vehicles competitive landscape due to the new members will join the new changes.

New projects focused on the southeast coastal areas, most already have the basis of the automotive industry, adequate funds, the industrial chain mature. It can be seen that local support and regional advantages play a significant role in project approval.

Production capacity of 50,000 start, 10 enterprises total investment is expected to 212.479 billion yuan, the total capacity of 570,000. Among them, Beiqi, Chery, JMC new energy has been initially with production conditions, the independent corporate enterprises from the original enterprise, has been familiar with the industry.

The other seven companies have completed the product trial production, the country can new energy, universal group, the Yangtze River EV product development progress relatively fast; future car, Minan Automobile, Chongqing Jin Kang, cloud new energy optimistic 2018 years ago, most of the energy Out of the product. Product planning get together micro, small SUV and sports car, more young, personalized, in line with the personalized market trends.