Ternary Market Demand Surge When The Technology 500 Million New High-nickel Cathode Material Production Line

- Mar 06, 2017-

In the context of subsidy policy baton and market demand, the trend of power battery ternary is becoming more and more obvious, in this context, the upstream materials enterprises have also increased capacity layout, card high nickel cathode materials future market.

When the technology (300073) March 2 announcement, the company plans to raise 1.5 billion yuan of funds, of which 1.16 billion yuan investment in Jiangsu when the lithium cathode material production base of the third phase of the project, 90 million yuan to the lithium material technology research center, 250 million yuan Supplementary working capital.

The production line will be designed according to the NCM811 / NCA standard, and the production of different types of multidimensional materials (NCM523, the NCM523 / NCA) will be used in the production of high-nickel multi- NCM622, NCM811 and NCA).

Benefit from the ongoing policy support and technological progress, the new energy automotive industry in recent years has been to maintain a vigorous development trend. In the field of power batteries, with the energy density, service life, charging efficiency and other comprehensive performance requirements continue to improve, with excellent physical and chemical properties, high nickel multi-material will gradually become the mainstream market.

December 2016, four ministries jointly issued "on the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the application of financial subsidies policy notice", the first notice of the new energy vehicle power battery energy density requirements: pure electric passenger car battery system The energy density of not less than 90Wh / kg, the higher than 120Wh / kg 1.1 times to give subsidies; non-fast charge pure electric bus battery system energy density is higher than 85Wh / kg; special vehicle loading power battery system quality energy density Not less than 90Wh / kg.

Clear policy guidelines will be conducive to NCM622 / 811 and NCA as the representative of the high nickel multi-material lithium product development, the current billion Wei Li, BYD, BAK power, Waters and many other power lithium-ion battery manufacturers are Proposed new or expansion of high nickel lithium-ion battery product capacity plan. Affected by this, the demand for high-nickel multi-material will grow rapidly.

It is reported that when the rise of science and technology currently has NCM622 about 2000 tons / year production capacity, is under construction in Jiangsu Haimen Phase II project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2017 debugging, the company will increase NCM622 about 4,000 tons / year production ability.

When the technology said that because the company's production capacity is still far from meeting the market demand, therefore, companies need to expand to meet downstream demand. The lithium cathode material three projects completed and put into production, the company high nickel multi-material product capacity will be greatly improved, the product structure will be optimized to help companies give full play to product and technological advantages, to seize the new energy automotive market opportunities for rapid growth , To meet the rapid growth of market demand, and promote the company's strategic objectives.

It is understood that the current high-nickel ternary materials are actively deployed, but because of the high technical barriers of high-nickel ternary materials, the process of preparation and the preparation of high-nickel ternary materials, Equipment and production environment and other requirements are much higher than the ordinary ternary materials, domestic high-nickel ternary material to mature to overcome a number of technical problems.

At present, the domestic ternary material market is more mainstream NCM523 and 111 type, higher level NCM622 type also began in the field of power battery batch applications. (GGII) data show that the proportion of high-nickel ternary materials continued to rise, 2016 domestic NCM622, NCA type of ternary material in the total output accounted for more than 5%, is expected to 2017 ratio will reach 10 %.

It is understood that the current high-nickel ternary material mature production technology and mass production capacity mainly in Japan Sumitomo, Toda Industrial, ECOPRO and several other Japanese and Korean enterprises in the hands of domestic high-end high nickel ternary materials mainly rely on imports. GGII pointed out that with the rise of science and technology, Green and other domestic cathode materials enterprises to increase the layout of high-nickel materials production capacity, the future, domestic high-nickel imports of alternative materials will accelerate.