Tesla Announces The Cheapest Model 60 KWh

- Mar 21, 2017-

Tesla decided to stop selling the cheapest Model S sedan. After April 16, the company no longer sell the car.

It is understood that this is the cheapest Model S equipped with 75kWh battery pack, but Tesla with software to lock the battery, only to provide 60kWh battery life. And Tesla users if you buy the car, you can unlock the battery by upgrading the software, so that 75kWh fully play a role.

Tesla announces the cheapest model 60 kWh

Tesla explained in the message statement the reasons for the sale: "A year ago, we launched the installation of 60kWh battery Model S car, it is relatively cheaper, our aim is to speed up the popularity of electric vehicles. Most customers will eventually purchase Model # 75kWh in order to simplify the customer's ordering process, we decided to remove the 60kWh product. If you still want to buy 60kWh Modle S, you can order by April 16, 2017. Any 60kWh Model S You can upgrade the battery to 75kWh by wireless upgrade. "

While the 75 kWh Model S models have a mileage of 480km and a starting price of $ 772,200.

Tesla announces the cheapest model 60 kWh