Tesla Open 21700 Battlefield Six Domestic Enterprises First Layout

- Jul 25, 2017-

July 20, a "power battery Suzhou 21700 lithium-ion battery project put into operation," the news stirred up I do not know how many battery manufacturers of the heartstrings.

According to incomplete statistics, which is already following the BAK battery, lion new energy, Far East Foster, Tianpeng power, billion Wei Li after the announcement of the layout of the battery of the second battery of 21,700 enterprises.

March 3 this year, Baker battery research and development vice president Lin Jian in the "2017 (fifth) China Lithium Industry Summit," said the next step will be developed 21700 battery, through the combination of high nickel and silicon carbon to achieve 21700 battery production Energy up to 6.0Ah.

April 5, the wisdom of energy subsidiary Far East Foster 21700 lithium battery production equipment procurement tender. Specific tender content: efficient, safe, high precision, energy saving, automatic 21,700 lithium battery production equipment, production capacity 200PPM two lines.

April 21, Tianpeng Power General Manager Chen Xuan revealed that the construction of the second production base is expected in June this year can be mass production, early 2018 to reach full production. Second, the production base of the equipment is compatible with the production of 21700 products, can achieve 18650 and 21700 type of any switch, the total capacity can reach 6GWh or so.

In May, the lion new energy that is located in Fujian's production base of the second phase of the project will also be put into operation this year, after the three will be 21700 production line.

June 28, billion Wei Li can "Hubei Jinquan two district production and three district start ceremony" held in Hubei Jinquan, billion Wei Li 21,700 battery production line was completed and put into production. Phase II project new capacity 2.5Gwh, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, is also the first domestic production of 21700 production line.

July 20, power battery 21700 lithium battery a project put into operation. The project one, two total investment of 2.1 billion yuan, the construction capacity of 4Gwh, is the first domestic 21700 product custom production line.

This 21700 battery boom set off, the source in Tesla. In January this year, Tesla announced with the Panasonic joint research and development of new 21700 battery production, 21700 battery has become a new stadium, some domestic battery manufacturers followed the pace, for fear of being left behind.

Just a short half of the time, 21700 battery on the track there so many figure, who do not know after the influx of how many new business. The first hair of the heart of the panic, fear of the leading range is not enough, will be late to catch up; late hair heart stretched a rope, tightly staring at the leader of the footsteps, catch up; Seemingly calm, in fact always think of finding the entry point to join the battlefield.

Tesla has always been a benchmark for lithium batteries and electric vehicle industry, every action can attract the attention of the industry and even follow the trend, the industry influence is well known. Model S and model X of the global hot, so that people see the 18650 battery stability is good, high substitutability, the advantages of high degree of automation of production processes, led the domestic Foster, Zhuo Neng, Bik, God, etc. 18650 battery manufacturers began to use this type of battery to fight the field of power battery. The market are also commonly used electric vehicles 18650 battery as a power system.

But 18650 is not a perfect battery model. Last year in August, Tesla announced the design of a new type of 21700 battery. At that time Tesla CTO JB Straubel said the 18650 standard was only a "historical accident". Implied meaning, this standard is not Tesla that the best specifications, 21700 is. 18650 battery in addition to the advantages of the above, its shortcomings are also obvious. Its monomer capacity is low, generally around 2 to 4Ah, so the number of batteries required is very much, the battery management system is more complex. As the 18650 battery current technology and production process level has been very mature, and limited by the volume limit, continue to enhance its energy density indicator space is very small.

In the planning of our government, it is clear that the energy density of the power cell will exceed 300Wh / kg in 2020, and the energy density of the power battery system will reach 260Wh / kg. In 2025, the energy density of the power battery system will reach 350Wh / kg.

In this context, the industry believes that the 18650 battery has completed the power lithium battery primary application stage of the historical mission, in order to achieve the goal of government planning, the future larger, larger capacity lithium battery models will rise, such as 21700 battery.

According to the information disclosed by Tesla, under the existing conditions, Tesla produced 21700 battery monomer than the energy reached 300wh / kg, than the original 18650 battery energy density increased by 20% or more, monomer capacity increased by 35% System cost reduction of 9% to $ 155 / Wh, the number of batteries required under the same energy can be reduced by about 1/3, the system weight reduced by 10%.

21700 battery in the energy density, manufacturing costs, system optimization and lightweight areas are better than 18650 batteries. Tesla CEO Masky also said that 21700 battery density is the world's highest, the price will be more approachable.

Of course, 21700 battery is currently only represents a trend, whether it can really be applied to the electric vehicle industry, has yet to be verified in the market. Industry analysis, 21700 in the short term can not form an effective industrial chain, production equipment, production technology, etc. is not one day will be ready, the state policy on the 21700 model is not yet clear signal, these are 21700 can Whether to achieve a large-scale industrialization formed a test.

But in any case, the trend also represents a possibility. After all, more lightweight, more energy density and other real needs in there, even if there is no 21700, there will be other batteries to boost the development of electric vehicle industry. Moreover, 21700 battery with so many advantages in the future alternative 18650 lithium battery market to become the leading product, is also very likely to do.

In short, Tesla has been the first to carry the banner into the 21,700 battery battlefield. The domestic battery manufacturers have chosen to follow, and some still wait and see. This may be a gambling or a feast.

According to industry estimates, in the power of God into the 21,700 high-profile battery production areas, will inevitably bring a lithium battery is not a small revolution, that is, 18650 battery will gradually withdraw from the market, 21700 will gradually step on this year, and eventually replace the 18650 battery , Has become the mainstream models of power lithium battery. This is also because of the role of Tesla model pulling, so that the global 18650 battery manufacturers, are facing a collective transformation.