The Forecast Of The Decrease In The Cost Of Lithium Batteries For Vehicles

- Jan 11, 2017-

Constraints of hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles large-scale market-oriented application of a large factor in its high cost lithium batteries, and low energy density. These two issues are in constant solution, these two issues will no longer be a problem, new problems will arise.

With the global, especially in Asia (mainly in Japan) of traditional or non-traditional battery companies have increased investment in vehicle lithium batteries, and increase the scale of production, the price of lithium batteries has been declining trend year by year. (see picture 1)

1998-2005, the annual average price of lithium batteries fell by 9.9%, of which 2002-2005 prices fell by 5.4%.

On the basis of forecasting cost reduction, Roland Berger also predicted that by 2015 the global (especially the United States, Japan) car lithium battery production capacity will reach twice the actual demand. Overcapacity at the same time, will cause the car lithium battery industry mergers and acquisitions, the next 5-7 years, the world will only 6-7 large car lithium battery manufacturers.