The Future Market Situation Is Grim 5 Big Demand Market Development Law Worthy Of Attention

- Jan 10, 2017-

December 7-9, 2016 Engineering Lithium-cum-electric vehicles will be in Shenzhen, China Venus Royal Hotel grand opening. As the end of the new energy automotive industry chain event, the annual meeting attracted over 300 new energy enterprises and lithium car enterprises, over 700 industry elite together.

9, is senior engineer electric car special, Nanjing Jinlong chairman Huang Hongsheng, founder of Ningde era Zeng Yuqun, Guoxuan high-tech president Fang Jianhua, Changan new energy general manager Ren Yong, Beiqi Group New Technology Research Institute Ronghui, The future car) President Wang Kejian and other heavyweight guests and industry big Qi unveiled 2016 Engineering electric vehicles will be special.

Ningde era founder Zeng Yuqun

In the afternoon, Mr. Zeng Yuqun, founder of Ningde Times, delivered his speech and speech at the closing ceremony of the title of "Intelligent Intelligence".

Founded by Mr. Zeng Yuqun and led Ningde era has become China's leading power battery industry enterprises, a domestic battery business benchmark and model, with advanced technology and quality of foreign high-end brand car of all ages, to become China's first successful Into the high-end foreign brands battery supply system of enterprises.

At present, China's new energy vehicle policy adjustment, grants a substantial reduction in the grim situation, Zeng Yuqun the lithium industry legend in the field around the industry, the market evolution have put forward a profound and incisive point of view.

Zeng Yuqun recalled the beginning of the development of China's new energy automotive industry so far from the initial start of the difficult, gradually clear to the late development to the present, there are still various problems and difficulties. He believes that the future of this industry there is a very difficult day, to really go to the market when the real stability.

"This year, the situation and competition may be more serious," Zeng Yuqun bluntly, "this time, many customers are planning next year's production plan, especially the bus factory battery technical indicators and safety, cost control requirements become more obvious, Because the national policy of regulation, the enterprise and product requirements in the tighter, while subsidies will be gradually reduced.

For the future market trends, Zeng Yuqun pointed out that the future development of the five major needs of the market is noteworthy.

The first is the mini-electric vehicles, is expected from next year, the original use of lead-acid battery micro-electric vehicles will replace the lithium battery, because the price of lithium batteries decreased, replacement is relatively easy to achieve.

The second is a commercial vehicle + logistics vehicle. Future battery production capacity may be surplus, we are looking for a way out, commercial vehicles and logistics car market, the threshold is relatively low, auto market verification time is short, this application will become a way out.

The third is the domestic passenger cars, own brand new energy passenger car next year there will be an outbreak of the development period, the field of the battery business is an opportunity, but the battery companies have higher requirements, while the There are 2-3 years of verification.

The fourth is the Sino-foreign joint ventures brand car prices, the market is more difficult, these enterprises in the Chinese market is basically led by foreign research institutes, such as Volkswagen, BMW, Volkswagen will get foreign laboratory validation, and then return to the joint venture, Longer, mass production time will be concentrated in the 2019-2020 or so.

Fifth is the new entrants, including Internet companies or other emerging capital. Although it is new to enter, but there are a lot of car experience. Their goal is to be able to launch the product in 2018.

"Therefore, for the battery business, it is necessary for the development of several market nodes to the layout and development time, when specializing in what the market." Zeng Yuqun said.

For the future of the scale of the new energy vehicle market, Zeng Yuqun said recently with Europe and the United States, the Japanese car car gangster communication, their goal is to 2020 or so, in the case of no subsidies, electric cars and fuel vehicles prices were flat , This premise, the electric car can achieve 50% of the replacement of fuel vehicles.

"This shows that the trend of the market demand is very large, through our efforts to be able to lower the price to that level, 50% or 80% of the traditional car can be replaced by electric vehicles."

In his view, it will take several years of hard work, the industry needs to work together on the downstream.