The Future Of The New Energy Road Where The 10 Proposals Are Bright Spots

- Mar 13, 2017-

2017 national two sessions are held in full swing, hot topic new energy vehicles have also been frequently mentioned, the two representatives for the future development of new energy vehicles and supporting facilities have any suggestions? New energy vehicles will be the way to the development of the road? "Hydrogen fuel cell", "local protection", "charging facilities", "artificial intelligence", "energy consumption", " And other popular keywords. Finishing ten very bright spots of the proposal, we take a look.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei: two to take measures to put an end to the phenomenon of new energy car cheat

Miao Wei pointed out: At present, the new energy vehicles are in the initial stage, the Government to give some support is very necessary. But some of the auto companies go to the front of the sword, through the informal means to cheat the central financial subsidies. In this regard, the attitude of the government is zero tolerance. Miao Wei said that in 2017 the government will tackle the necessary measures in the field of new energy vehicles, mainly divided into two aspects: First, improve the subsidy policy, strengthen the supervision of the subsidy process, more use of things, after the way To pay subsidies; Second, to study the government subsidies in 2020 after the withdrawal of any alternative measures taken, the current consideration of the traditional car fuel consumption, points and new energy vehicles to establish the transaction system, is the Internet for comments.

Hunan Branch of the new energy Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhong Fuping: to adjust the existing new energy vehicle subsidies

New energy car while enjoying the policy care, while there is cheating action, how to deal with? During the two sessions, the National People's Congress, Hunan Branch of the new energy Co., Ltd. Zhong Fa-ping on the new energy automotive industry supply side of the reform proposed, sharply pointed out to adjust the existing new energy vehicle subsidies and other measures, Roots, so that the new energy automotive industry to return to the market.

So, how to promote the new energy automotive industry to supply side reform? Zhong made the proposal to adjust the existing new energy vehicle subsidies for energy-saving and new energy vehicles in the field of public travel applications, according to the actual operating mileage to give subsidies, that is, energy efficiency, operating mileage as a basis for subsidies, The supply of hybrid vehicles in the city of the city to give the hybrid car to avoid the number or increase the rate of the preferential policies; to give hybrid cars exempt from the line of preferential policies; hybrid cars into the city taxi, network bus, bus and other public areas procurement selection Directory, clearly the minimum proportion of applications; vigorously support the hybrid vehicle assembly system platform (CHS), to encourage joint innovation, integrated innovation.

Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu promotion: methanol car release 3D map mapping qualification

Li Shufu in the two sessions brought two proposals, one is called on the country to promote and develop methanol cars. Methanol car research and development, demonstration, pilot, has gone through 35 years, a large number of experiments and pilot proved methanol vehicle safety, power, reliability and environmental protection. But the current promotion of methanol vehicles is still limited to some pilot cities, is not conducive to the free movement of the car, limiting the promotion of the use of methanol vehicles, it is recommended in this regard take a substantial step forward, fully open the methanol car market, as soon as possible to promote the methanol car National market operation. At the same time suggested that the early stages of the development of methanol vehicles, the state to give relevant support policies in order to achieve market-oriented transition as soon as possible.

The other is to call the government part of the automatic driving map of the mapping qualification. Prudent to carry out automatic driving development technology enterprises in advance, conditionally open the map mapping qualification, and effective supervision. To study how to eliminate the deflection requirements for autopilot technology and to reduce unnecessary technical barriers in advanced technology development. To promote the automatic driving map confidentiality processing technology and the use of the relevant legal norms. In the protection of national information security at the same time, strengthen the geographical information of public service attributes, to promote the geographical information resources to the community in an orderly manner.

Wang Fengying pointed out that in recent years, China's new energy vehicle market environment, there are a series of local protection and other issues, hinder the new energy automotive industry sustained and healthy development and innovation efficiency. With the rapid growth of China's car ownership, automotive products and traffic safety and other related issues have become increasingly prominent.

Based on this, Wang Fengying proposed to solve the local protection of new energy vehicles: First, establish a sound forward-looking legal and supporting system, abolish local policies and regulations with local protection; second, reduce the 50% local subsidy ceiling The fourth, as soon as possible the introduction of a unified national new energy vehicles and supporting facilities technical standards; Fifth, to speed up the introduction of new energy research and development of new energy vehicles and their supporting facilities; Measures for the management of automobile points.

First, the body stability system (ESP) and tire pressure monitoring system to join GB7258 "motor vehicle safety and technical conditions", and to strengthen the wearing seat belts, the full use of child safety seats Law enforcement and legislation; second, the smart car-related safety standards into the legislative plan; third, to strengthen the standard construction of intelligent traffic safety system; Fourth, promote electricity providers \ express logistics \ shared economy and urban traffic management-related policies and rule of law System construction; Fifth, attention to the harmonious coexistence of cars and pedestrians, pedestrian protection to promote the relevant standards of the process.

Associate President of Xixin (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd. Liu Chongxi: pure electric vehicle battery secondary use of hydrogen fuel cell will usher in the development

Liu Chongxi said during the two sessions, due to policy continuity and pure electric vehicle problems, when the pure electric car is no longer enjoy the subsidy, the market outlook is worrying. On the other hand, the current pure electric vehicle sales are mainly concentrated in the car to buy the city, while in other regions pure electric vehicle sales are quite limited. In addition, the vehicle life and battery life is not equal to the pure electric vehicle is not sustainable development factors.

In this regard, Liu Chongxi proposed the establishment of a special battery operators, is responsible for pure electric vehicles to provide removable battery services. From the electric car out of the battery can be used as secondary storage battery, which is able to make pure electric vehicles to sustainable development of the only way. He said that this would require national support.

Liu Chongxi's other view is that the development of hydrogen fuel cell is coming soon. Previously, hydrogen fuel transportation costs are relatively high, and now the transportation costs only 30% of the original. Also, the United States related to advanced enterprises in the country began to build factories, the country is also in full swing to develop research and development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, is expected to about two years will usher in leapfrog development. He said hydrogen fuel will serve as a rangeener for battery power to achieve longer driving range, and this technology will take the lead in large-scale machinery and long-distance transport applications.

Tian Teng Group Chairman Zhang Tian Ren: the development and implementation of power battery recycling incentives

For the waste power battery recycling problems. Zhang Tian Ren suggested that the study of battery standardization and implementation of traceability system, to increase the waste lithium battery dismantling, reorganization, testing and life prediction and other key technologies to improve its technical maturity and production process safety. At the same time, improve the battery dismantling, reorganization and recovery technology, the level of automation and recycling efficiency, so that power lithium battery recycling and economic feasibility and safety.

He suggested that the government should develop and implement power battery recycling incentives. For example, the failure to fulfill the obligations in accordance with the implementation of the obligation to punish the enterprise, the battery recycling enterprises and battery recycling enterprises in accordance with the number of batteries, capacity, etc. subsidies, the implementation of tax incentives. Enterprises should actively innovate the business model, after the accumulation of experience to promote the value of the circular economy development model to copy.

Vice Governor of Hainan Province Li Guoliang: to promote the exchange mode to accelerate the promotion of electric vehicles

Li Guoliang proposed on the promotion of the exchange mode standard system construction, accelerate the application of electric vehicles to promote the proposal.

At present, China has a lot of public transport, rental and other public services in the field of successful promotion of electric power model of electric vehicles, but the largest consumer groups involved in the field of private passenger cars have failed.

The reason, Li Guoliang that, first, lack of industry standards, there is no national level of the battery and the vehicle a unified standard, the lack of targeted policy support. Second, the investment risk is too high, early investment is too large, profit model is uncertain, technology with each passing day, research and development cycle is too long. Third, charge the operation of the power plant related to car manufacturers, power grids, power plants and other interests, not easy to coordinate.

Li Guoliang on behalf of the proposed, to strengthen the top design, build industry standard system, it is recommended from the national level as soon as possible to develop exchange of vehicles, batteries and other series of standards, clear size, shape, parameters and hardware and software modules interface to a unified standard; Standardize the access management system, strict access conditions and certification requirements, the establishment of enterprise output development and access system to adapt to the management system; improve the policy guidance, the establishment of the promotion of electric vehicles to promote the use of peak and valley price mechanism.

Lan Minbo that electric vehicles as a strategic emerging industries, the construction of charging facilities is an important guarantee for the development of the industry, it is recommended to improve the supporting standards to promote the healthy development of electric vehicle charging network.

In order to ensure that the public charging network in the promotion of electric vehicle applications play a bottom service role, Blue Min Bo suggested:

1, improve the new residential, public construction supporting parking lot construction standard system, to meet the needs of the development of electric vehicles.

At present, residential residents, public building supporting parking lot (library) electricity load calculation has not yet considered 100% of the construction of charging facilities or reserved construction and installation conditions. It is proposed to further compile and improve the design standards for the construction of new residential buildings and public buildings, and to improve the demand for supporting power supply facilities accordingly. In addition, the developers should be in accordance with the long-term scale in the new residential area, according to the long-term scale of charging facilities, pipeline bridge, power distribution facilities, meter box installation location and land. In the issuance of project permits, construction drawings review, project acceptance and other links, according to the above norms, standards for review and inspection.

2, optimize the charging facilities subsidy policy to encourage public fast-charge construction.

Do a good job of public charging network operation services, promote the construction of centralized monitoring and settlement payment platform. It is proposed to further increase the subsidy to public charging facilities and ensure the sustainable development of public charging network. At the same time increase the publicity and protection of charging facilities. For malicious damage, the abuse of public charging facilities, according to the destruction of urban infrastructure to punish.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hanneng Holding Group Li Hejun: Encouraged to support the research and development of solar energy vehicles

Li Hejun that the solar car through the solar power chip integrated in the car sunroof, roof, body or expansion panel, direct use of solar power, driving the car driving, and "side open side charge", so that the car in the short " Driving "to become possible, to solve the electric car user's charge" pain point. "

He suggested: first, to encourage new energy vehicles more clean power. To develop relevant policies to guide enterprises to "clean up how much" as the main direction to enhance the performance of new energy vehicles to reduce the use of new energy vehicles in the energy consumption, the real realization of the new energy vehicles clean and sustainable development; Solar car direction. Clear the solar car as a new energy vehicles, into the national key research and development program "" new energy vehicles "pilot special project 2018 annual reporting guidelines"; third, into the new energy automotive industry management. Through the advanced manufacturing industry investment funds on the solar car manufacturing projects to give special support; reference to pure electric lithium battery subsidy program to subsidize solar cars, subsidies not less than the lithium battery subsidy program.

Baidu company founder, chairman and chief executive officer Li Yanhong: use of artificial intelligence technology to alleviate traffic congestion

The proposal submitted by Li Yanhong "two sessions" involves "the use of artificial intelligence and large data technology to help solve the problem of missing children", "on the construction of intelligent traffic lights, to ease the traffic congestion", "on the strengthening of artificial intelligence industry applications, Economic "and other content, the proposed proposal, the Chinese economy will add new growth points.

At present, traffic congestion has become a common problem in many large and medium-sized cities in China, and the traffic lights are optimized to become the ideal means to alleviate traffic congestion in many cities. Li Yanhong suggested that the use of artificial intelligence technology to effectively promote the construction of intelligent traffic signal system, in order to alleviate the traffic congestion problem. To develop the overall action plan at the national level, and vigorously promote the development of "smart + economy", from the concept of guidance, system innovation, data open and special support, etc., for the artificial intelligence industry application to build a good policy environment.