The Major Battery Factory Energy Storage Market Trends And 2017 Plan

- Mar 21, 2017-

With the progress of lithium battery technology, lithium battery costs, lithium battery energy storage system in the peak and valley spread arbitrage, auxiliary market services and renewable energy and other areas of power has been achieved conditional commercial operation. At present, the most market economy is the traditional grid cutting peak paddle, has been able to achieve non-subsidized commercial promotion, "thirteen" during the large industrial city investment in energy storage project market size is expected to reach 1500-2400 billion yuan, In addition, the future if the large-scale industrial provinces to promote energy storage, the market size is more substantial; back-up power and UPS energy storage does not require subsidies, the market size of about 100 billion yuan.

With the policy support gradually clear, since 2016 a lot of lithium battery companies to gradually increase the intensity of the layout, open up the energy storage market. Technology to further break through the battery to continue to reduce the cost or specific subsidies to the floor of the policy will promote the outbreak of the industry, is now at a critical point. Major battery manufacturers recent energy storage trends and 2017 development plan is as follows:


March 7, Shenzhen Walter Ma Battery Co., Ltd. and Hebei Junan Power Engineering Co., Ltd. signed the "2017 annual strategic cooperation agreement" to jointly develop energy storage market, through the close cooperation between the two sides to create a win-win situation, sustainable development Of the strategic partnership to open a new era of energy storage.

Under the agreement, Junan Electric plans to purchase 15 sets of 2 MWh microgrid energy storage power station system (including BMS, EMS, PCS and security fire fighting equipment) to Watma, and will purchase 100 sets of water Micro - network energy storage power station system.

Billion Wei Li can

March 6, Wei Li and Lin Yang energy on the "wisdom of distributed energy storage" signed a framework cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, in the field of lithium battery energy storage, the two sides will be the preferred partner for each other, the agreement includes: 1) the two sides will jointly build intelligent distributed energy storage operation center, billion Wei Li can provide cost-effective lithium battery, Will provide high-performance energy storage converters and energy storage and platform, and build smart micro-grid. The two sides will jointly set up 50 R & D team, in 2017 the third and fourth quarter release distributed energy storage products and cloud services. 2) the use of billion Wei's decommissioned lithium battery, to study the use of energy storage echelon technology. 3) The two sides through the contract energy management, financial leasing, cooperation in the establishment of funds and other models to develop energy storage business, plans to build 2018-2020 cumulative 1GWh energy storage projects.


February 22, BYD in Australia launched a new family energy storage system - B-BOX. B-Box can store electricity from solar panels and other sources, reduce the user's electricity consumption, ease the electricity pressure. Prior to this, in August 2016, BYD Electric Power Academy to Australia exported more than 140 sets of MINIES energy storage system, in November, and then exports to Australia 319 MINIES .. BYD official data show that as of November 2016, energy storage products shipments have reached 331MW / 335MWh.

In the future, BYD will have more commercial operation projects will land in 2017 to 2018, energy storage market has been in the critical point before the outbreak. At present, BYD energy storage products in the United States, Japan, Australia, South Africa and other markets continue to obtain sales.