The Minimum Rechargeable Lithium Battery Is Put Into Production With A Diameter Of 4mm Height Of 5mm

- Jul 18, 2017-

The minimum rechargeable lithium battery is put into production with a diameter of 4mm height of 5mm

Recently, from Hefei High-tech Zone was informed that the world's smallest rechargeable lithium batteries in the fat production. Project investment of 40 million yuan, an annual output value of 2 billion, two projects will also be put into operation in October this year, when the annual output value will reach 600 million yuan.

4 mm in diameter, 5 mm height, this world's smallest rechargeable lithium battery stature "mini", the function is very powerful. Hefei Li Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Luo Yuanfu said that the battery is a lithium titanate battery, and traditional lithium batteries, it has a very strong temperature performance, can be in -35 ℃ to 65 ℃ under the conditions of charging.

In addition, the charging efficiency is also very alarming, the general battery takes a few hours or even longer to be filled, and the battery only two minutes will be able to fully charged to meet the needs of fast charging. At present, the battery is mainly used for recording pens, hearing aids and other electronic equipment.

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