The Second Batch Of Recommended Catalog Only 3 Pure Electric Passenger Car Was 1.1 Times Subsidy

- Mar 03, 2017-

March 1, the Ministry of Industry officially released "new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory (2017 second batch)", this batch contains 40 companies a total of 201 new energy models. Compared with the first batch of recommended list in 2017, pure electric passenger car shortlisted the number of substantially reduced, only 36, which can be 1.1 times the subsidy of the models are only 3.

【GGII quick comment】

From the shortlisted passenger models, GGII analysts believe that compared to the first batch of recommended catalog, the shortlisted passenger car significantly reduced, the main reason is: 1, the first batch of shortlisted models to 2016 Year 4,5 batch of vehicle review the main, and the second batch of new models to the main; 2, due to the batch of recommended batch review in the batch of 2016, the battery pack needs to be re-tested, and the detection time is longer, affecting the new models On the catalog time.

Second, to get 1.1 times the subsidy of pure electric passenger models only 3 models. GGII analysts believe that, on the one hand: passenger car installed battery power is generally about 20-50KWh, compared to bus power (100-200KWh) less passenger car battery module structure, battery box shell, etc. Parts of the high proportion of quality, resulting in decreased energy density.

On the other hand, from the battery cell core energy density point of view, the three yuan lithium battery group energy density is easy to reach 120Wh / kg, but because the technology is not particularly mature, energy density is too high three yuan lithium battery or there is a certain Problem, passenger car on the security requirements and extremely strict.

At present, many car prices are caution with high energy density of the three yuan lithium battery, install thermal management system, temperature control system, sacrifice part of the energy density, prefer to take a low file subsidies, but also security as a primary guarantee The

GGII analysts forecast that the new energy automotive market, experienced a 1-2 month adjustment period, in March with the introduction of the first two groups of recommended directory, the new energy car market gradually pick up. At present, most car prices, battery companies are nervous to prepare follow-up model announcement and recommended directory, with the follow-up to the third and fourth batch of recommended catalog, the model will be further increased, the new energy car market will further enter the high growth period.