Tianjin Bamo Ng Man Tao High Nickel Materials Will Become The Mainstream Market In The Future

- Jan 09, 2017-

Cathode materials industry in 2016, the overall development of good, but the cathode material companies themselves are under tremendous pressure and challenges. Affected by the national policy adjustment, the short term cathode materials industry market risk. Therefore, to enhance product quality and technological innovation, reduce business pressure to protect the stable supply of raw materials, cathode materials enterprises to become the key to participate in future competition.

In the future, cathode material industry development trend? Cathode materials enterprises are facing new pressures and challenges? To this end, senior lithium power grid, in particular, call the G20-lithium member of the General Assembly of Tianjin Bamo Wu Mengtao, to consult the industry hot topics, and In this round of "knockout" in the decisive way.