Toyota Would Like To Rely On Solid-state Battery Beat Tesla This Thing Kaopu It?

- Jul 27, 2017-

Toyota finally and electric cars together on the headlines, press releases frequently appear in the "solid-state battery" in the end what is the head? The text of 2022 years before the commercialization of solid-state batteries can not bend overtaking beat the heyday of Tesla? First look at the appearance of the Toyota spokesman is how to say it

The newest Japanese newsletter, Chunichi Shimbun daily, exposes: "Toyota's new electric car is built on a new platform with all-solid batteries that can be used in a few minutes to complete the charging process, which is expected to be available in Japan in 2022. "The Toyota spokesperson came out and commented on specific product plans, but the company was committed to commercializing all solid-state batteries in the early 1920s."1501061851992068218.png

The advantages of the solid state battery only one: fast charging. In addition to this point, relative to the Tesla car application of the three yuan lithium battery, solid-state battery is more suitable for carrying the power of the rules of the power grid. Because of its solid-state electrolyte, solid-state batteries have higher energy densities, higher safety, no side effects at high temperatures, and no need to design complex thermal management systems like ternary lithium batteries, saving cost while reducing weight.1501061852179035941.png

A simple comparison: Tesla - Panasonic production of 85kWh battery quality reached 900kg, while the solid-state battery startup company Seeo Inc the same capacity of the battery pack weighs only 323kg.

Why Tesla and Panasonic to tireless tamper ternary lithium battery, but also to attract Ningde era, BYD, LG Chemical and Samsung SDI these mainstream power battery players have joined the three yuan lithium battery R & D array?

In a word, the development of solid-state batteries is still in its early stages, the above data and features are laboratory, from the commercialization of a long way to go. The following picture is solid-state batteries and lithium batteries and other domestic patents over the past decade compared:

Toyota would like to rely on solid-state battery beat Tesla this thing Kaopu it?

It can be seen that China's research on solid-state batteries is far less passionate than lithium battery research. Nevertheless, China's research on solid-state batteries in recent years is still heating up. The following figure is the number of solid-state battery patents, you can see, the Chinese army Ningbo University, China University of Science and Technology, Huawei, China Electronics eighteen, the Chinese Academy of Sciences occupied the top ten patents in the top ten seats.

Toyota would like to rely on solid-state battery beat Tesla this thing Kaopu it?

December 17, 2016, Ningde era research and development manager Guo Yongsheng in the "seventh global new energy car conference (GNEV7)" introduced the company's solid-state lithium metal battery research and development process, he said, Ningde era before doing solid-state battery to the world Do solid-state battery companies to do research, the project is still in the early stages. Ningde era in the development process, but also concerned about the manufacture of solid-state batteries, solid-state battery manufacturing process with the traditional lithium-ion manufacturing process is different, the need for new equipment, new technology, so the Ningde era also at the same time research and development.