Trust Lithium Marine Batteries As The Best Power Source On The Market

- Jan 06, 2017-

Power Your Marine Adventures With Lithium-ion

Lithium Marine BatteriesWhen you're at sea, you want a dependable battery that's lightweight and won't slow you down. Look to lithium marine batteries to power all of your adventures on the water. Whether you're in a yacht or a fishing boat, lithium marine batteries give you the highest quality energy source for your money.

No one wants to be stuck at sea with a dead marine battery, so the life span of lithium-ion batteries is vital to staying afloat. Choose a battery that is:

  • Dual purpose

  • Low maintenance

  • Highly durable

And, when you purchase marine deep-cycle batteries built by RELiON, you're receiving unsurpassed customer service from our team of certified PowerPros.

Longer Life Span

Lithium marine batteries often outlast the boat they’re installed in. On the contrary, lead acid batteries offer only 10 percent of the life span of lithium batteries, meaning they must be replaced more often. With lithium marine batteries, you receive the best value for your investment.

Faster Charging

Charging your marine battery is much simpler when you choose lithium. Lead acid marine deep-cycle batteries have three stages of charging. In the first stage, the battery is flooded with current. The next stage is absorption, and finally comes trickle charging.

In practice, a lead acid battery’s lead plates aren’t able to absorb energy quickly enough after the battery has been flooded. This makes it difficult for the battery to handle the incoming current. In fact, more than half of the current is burned off, so it takes several hours for the battery to charge to full capacity.

Lithium marine batteries have two charging stages: flood and trickle. With the capacity to charge at a higher efficiency, lithium batteries take a fraction of the time to charge.

What does that mean for boaters? You’re able to get back on the water quicker and spend less time waiting for a full battery indication. After all, you don’t want to lose a morning of fishing because your lead acid battery is taking hours to charge.

Lighter Weight

Lithium marine batteries are one-third of the weight of lead acid alternatives. This makes a major difference in your boat’s top speed and fuel efficiency. Whether you’re racing your boat or participating in a fishing competition, a higher top speed gives you a serious advantage.

People who race boats also benefit from a faster “holeshot” when they use a lighter battery. In other words, they’re able to accelerate more quickly off the starting line. Some boaters win races based on a strong holeshot alone, even if their overall elapsed time is slower.

Lighter lithium-ion batteries reduce your boat’s draft, making it easier to travel through shallow waters. You have the opportunity to take your boat through low parts of a river, along the lake’s edge and right up to a beach.

Consistent Power

Because lithium-ion batteries have a higher voltage output than lead acid alternatives, they maintain a consistent delivery of power throughout discharge. A level power curve gives you more speed throughout your boating trip.

You’re also less likely to lose battery power in the middle of your trip. Lithium marine batteries offer a higher usable capacity, meaning you get more hours of use between charging.

On land or at sea, lithium-ion batteries are becoming the go-to battery solution for high-performance applications. Raise your boat’s value and boost its capabilities by choosing a lithium marine battery. For the best marine battery available, turn to RELiON.

For all of your travels on the water, trust lithium batteries to get you to your destination. Learn more about the marine lithium-ion batteries OptimumNano has in stock by contacting us today.