Two Years Of New Electrolytic Aluminum Production Capacity Of 8.8 Million Tons

- Jan 10, 2017-

Haze has become a headache for the country's problems, environmental pressure Daobi steel and coal and other polluting industries to production capacity.

In several large overcapacity industries, electrolytic aluminum is one of them. It is puzzling is that since the release of relevant production capacity in 2013, aluminum production capacity of the past two years not only did not go down, but add a large number of production capacity, and the "three to a drop a meeting" is clearly contrary.

To work to promote production difficulties

In 2013, "the State Council on the resolution of serious excess capacity contradiction guidance" issued, which pointed out that resolving the serious contradictions in excess capacity is the current and future period to promote industrial restructuring priorities. In order to actively and effectively resolve the steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, flat glass, shipbuilding industry, such as serious excess capacity contradictions, while guiding the other industries overcapacity to resolve the work, specially formulated this opinion.

Two years later, in 2015 the Ministry of Industry issued a "serious excess capacity industry capacity replacement approach" once again referred to electrolytic aluminum, to capacity problems.

However, according to reporter's data show that by the end of 2015 to 2016, a number of private enterprises not only did not implement electrolytic aluminum production capacity replacement policy, but also built in the electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 8.8 million tons.

Analysts in the industry, told reporters that this is indeed the case, these new production capacity will gradually stabilize the price of electrolytic aluminum industry have a new impact. "First, the large-scale electrolytic aluminum production capacity, will definitely lower the price of electrolytic aluminum; Second, the environment, it will be difficult to carry; Third, the new capacity will pull down capacity utilization; Fourth, although China's Electrolytic aluminum does not allow exports, but some companies or by playing 'edge' export roughing aluminum, and attracted the attention of other countries, if the new capacity to put into production, then export, it is likely to cause other countries anti-dumping, triggering trade disputes. "

In the profit-driven, electrolytic aluminum production capacity is still increasing.

Local power policy to increase production capacity

According to reporter's data show that the electrolytic aluminum industry, the production of one ton of electrolytic aluminum, the average cost of electricity is about 0.4 yuan / kWh, and the production of 1 ton of electrolytic aluminum probably spend 13,500 kWh, that is, the production of 1 ton of electrolytic aluminum Only in the cost of electricity, the industry will spend an average of 5400 yuan.

The individual electrolytic aluminum enterprises not only have self-owned electricity, but also built a solitary network, not to pay the state to new energy, rural grids and other cross-subsidy funds, need to pay electricity costs are low, about 0.18 yuan / ton, Cost of production.

According to a press calculation, such enterprises produce electrolytic aluminum electricity costs about 2430 yuan, while its 1 ton of electrolytic aluminum profit is about 4,000 yuan, but the use of network electricity enterprises 1 ton of electrolytic aluminum profit is only 200 yuan.

It is noteworthy that the above two years of new electrolytic aluminum production capacity of enterprises, many of which are lower power costs of the enterprise.

"The data has pointed out why there are enterprises to new electrolytic aluminum production capacity violation." The analysts said.

In 2016, held in Hangzhou, the G20 summit, the two sides reached a consensus to jointly cope with global electrolytic aluminum overcapacity. "Sino-US heads of state meeting in Hangzhou, the results list of the Chinese side," shows that the two sides recognize that the United States and the United States as a result of the global economic recovery slow and sluggish market demand, electrolytic aluminum industry overcapacity increase, a global problem, the need for collective response. China and the United States will work together to address the global electrolytic aluminum production capacity surplus. The US side welcomes the Chinese side to promote the production capacity as one of the objectives of the supply side of the structural reform.

According to the relevant industry sources said that in 2012 -2015, the domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity surplus, the industry is basically at a loss, capacity utilization has been around 70%. Over the past few years, growth from the point of view, the global growth of electrolytic aluminum is mainly concentrated in China, the rest of the world's electrolytic aluminum production in the past basically stable at 24 million tons.

The source further said that electrolytic aluminum production capacity to resolve excess, the key is the local government should not discount the implementation of equal or reduction of the replacement policy, the relevant ministries to do something about the new capacity to take accountable and other measures, Yan Control new capacity. At the same time, to implement a fair price policy, the grid-owned power plant to run according to the provisions of the various cross-subsidy funds.