US2016. The Cost Of Photovolatic 4.9-6.1cents/kwh

- Dec 30, 2016-

Lazard, the US-based consultancy, assesses the full life cycle cost (LCOE) of various US energy sources annually, and on December 15, 2016, the tenth report was published. A chart in this report shows a downward trend in wind power and PV costs in the United States since 2009. Overall, the seven-year average cost of land-based wind power (LCOE) in the United States has declined by 66%, and the current cost range is 3.2-6.2 cents / kWh (equivalent to RMB 0.22-0.43 / kWh). And the LCOE for large-scale terrestrial PV has declined by 85% over the past seven years. The current cost range is 4.9-6.1 cents / kWh (equivalent to RMB 0.34-0.42 / kWh). The cost range for residential and commercial roof PV is 8.8 -19.3 cents / kWh (equivalent to RMB 0.61-1.33 yuan / kWh).