Victorious! The Event Review Of The OptimumNano Group

- Jan 02, 2017-

2016, OptimumNano Group in the unremitting efforts of all staff and customers, the community's strong support of friends under the wind and waves, sailing voyage! 2016 record list has been "baked", let us revisit the Watt Ma big event, encouraged forward! We hope that the growth of the road always have your companions!


1, success frequently


        March 2016, OptimumNano battery and Shanxi Dayun Motor Company signed a 15,000 pure electric vehicle logistics large single.

 And Dayun car signing ceremony


        July 2016, OptimumNano Innovation Alliance and FAW Group signed in Changchun, reached a deep and comprehensive technical cooperation, the common production of 5,000 electric logistics vehicles and 1,000 electric bus.

2, practice the national industrial layout


        Hubei Shiyan, Hebei Tangshan, Anhui Tongling, Hubei Jingzhou, Shaanxi Weinan new energy automotive industry base have been put into operation.


Shaanxi Waterma New Energy Co., Ltd


3, overweight the capital market


        July 2016, OptimumNano listed on the reorganization of the GEM, leveraging the capital market for industrial development Tim power.


        November 2016, shares in Australia Altura mining, strategic layout to accelerate development.


Stake in Australia Altura Mining signing ceremony


4, the industry group conspiracy to develop new energy vehicles


        May 2016, "Green Energy Clean Transport" Water Horse Innovation Alliance Annual Conference held in Linfen, Shanxi Province, to promote "Linfen model" to help the development of new energy automotive industry in Shanxi.


Watermart Innovation Alliance Second Annual Conference


       December 2016, "innovation-driven lead the future," OptimumNano Innovation Alliance third annual meeting in Shenzhen Pingshan New District held successfully, China Water Horse new energy automotive industry innovation alliance officially unveiled, covering more than 1,000 enterprises, the future Will pull 500 billion yuan output value.


OptimumNano Innovation Alliance Third Annual Conference


5, full of glory


In January 2016, won the "Best Business Model Award."

March 2016, short-listed enterprises in Shenzhen City, the top 100 enterprises.

March 2016, won the "China's top 10 power lithium battery brand."

August 2016, the "Shenzhen City in 2016 a major project certificate", which is since 2011, the company for the sixth consecutive year to obtain a major project in Shenzhen City certificate.

In 2016 September, won the "Pingshan District Quality Award."

In November 2016, the Ministry of Industry and the "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements", the battery installed capacity ranked second.

December 2016, was named "the annual battery supplier."

2016 December, short-listed 2016 global new energy enterprise 500 strong.

In 2016 December, won the "Innovation Award".

December 2016, won the "Innovation Business Model Award."

In 2016 December, chairman Li Yao won the "2016 man of the year award".

December 2016, won the "Model Innovation Award", "Technology Innovation Award."


6, innovation and practice


       OptimumNano successfully developed to 35 degrees below normal discharge and minus 20 degrees of normal low temperature battery, and in the northern test success. November 2016, equipped with low-temperature battery Wal-Mart new energy vehicles calmly walk through Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other northern alpine regions, the application of new energy vehicles in China will open the new world of ice and snow in the test.


OptimumNano innovation alliance pure electric bus in the Xinjiang region snow day normal operation


       In November 2016, "Wal-line witnessed thousands of miles across the" 3000 pure electric logistics car miles across the line, open up the country's longest charging line, the 1000 km across the line for more than 1,000 km of pure electric vehicle logistics trunk transport become a reality.



"Waugh thousands of miles across the witness" Hohhot car ceremony


        In 2016, the electric transport mode of the public landing 17 provinces and 26 cities, logistics, electric rooted in five provinces, the full-dimensional model "two horizontal and one vertical" floor plan.