Visual Equipment Giant Jian Pointed Lithium Battery Pack Automatic Production Line

- Jan 09, 2017-

The urgent need to enhance the performance of power batteries and frequent accidents of new energy vehicles, fire lessons, so that more and more battery manufacturers to lithium battery safety testing to a new height, but also on battery testing equipment and technology to higher requirements.

Lithium Research Institute (GGII) predicted by the power battery downstream demand-driven, 2016 lithium battery production equipment market will reach 11.69 billion yuan, an increase of 40%. But the reality is that domestic enterprises are mainly used off-line detection, testing equipment and battery production processes separated from each other, so that both the battery can not achieve full inspection, but also pulled down the battery production cycle.

Around this, many equipment companies are committed to technology and product upgrades. Huizhou Desai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Desai Automation") is one of the representatives of China's largest supplier of optical component automation equipment, the application of the technology accumulated in the optical equipment to the lithium industry , To enhance the accuracy of lithium equipment, stability, economy.

Desai Automation is subordinated to Desai Group, relying on the strong capital and talent advantages of the group company to form the core business of advanced manufacturing equipment such as new energy battery, automotive electronics, optical components and so on, to develop machine vision, robot application, automation standard Spare parts for the auxiliary business of product supply chain, is committed to creating an Internet platform for equipment.

In the PACK production line, Desai automation were developed square power battery equipment production lines, soft pack power battery equipment production lines, cylindrical flexible battery equipment production line. According to reports, one of the cylindrical flexible power battery equipment production line 200,000 daily processing batteries, batteries sorting, pole piece detection, with the upper and lower bracket and other aspects of the accuracy rate of 100%. At present, Desai automation and Desai battery, TCL Jinneng, blue microelectronics, Del can, Gan Feng Li, Jiangxi Jie control, blue micro new sources and Zhuhai Guangyu lithium enterprises such as strategic cooperation.

With the accumulation of optical equipment and battery PACK experience, Desai automation introduction of lithium testing equipment, outstanding professionals, quickly cut into the field of lithium detection. After a period of hibernation, Desai Automation R & D team introduced a power system capacity test station technology, DCR test can be carried out, battery pack charge and discharge cycle testing, current accuracy test, BMS internal parameters such as brush a number of tests.

Optical components, visual systems and other experience how to play a synergistic effect with the lithium business? Layout testing equipment behind there is greater "ambition"? Engineering lithium power grid and Desai Xu Wei, general manager of automation depth exchange.

Engineering lithium power grid: Please talk about your focus this year, the reasons for the layout of testing equipment. Do you think the lithium back-end testing equipment industry, what are the problems?

Xu Wei: According to the development of Desai automation positioning and planning, we need this stage as soon as possible to become familiar with and master the integration technology, and constantly enrich our database, so master the equipment of the previous technology, we enter the testing equipment, the purpose is In order to master the whole process of lithium equipment manufacturing technology, customers can create better equipment, provide better technical services, and master the testing equipment of the resources.

The current back-end detection equipment is non-standard custom equipment, there is no mandatory national and industry standards, equipment safety, stability and other aspects can not be judged, this is the biggest problem in the back-end detection equipment, but also the fundamental problem of equipment .

Advanced Lithium Power Grid: Lithium price war is now intensified equipment, in this context, Desai automation response to the policy is what?

Xu Wei: At present the company in the equipment products and technology ideas are standardized, modular, and continue to enrich the R & D database, Desai automation company's ultimate goal is to become equipment industry service companies (equipment Internet), technical services to meet Customer deep-level needs, through the equipment interconnection platform, customers, financial and other aspects of the introduction to the development, reduce design, manufacturing, sales and other aspects of the cost, cost savings and customer sharing, not simply through product price competition to win customers, Thus promoting the healthy development of the industry.

Lithium senior engineer: "Laser + Automation" is a lot of laser companies cut into the field of lithium market, will Desai automation in this business what layout?

Xu Wei: Desai automation will take full advantage of its advantages in the field of automation and control, looking for high-quality cooperation at home and abroad laser enterprises, such as Germany-fast, IPG, etc .; ensure the quality of laser equipment, in automation, the use of CCD vision system , Laser ranging, nitrogen protection to better ensure the quality of the welding equipment automation.

In addition, we will be laser welding and MES system docking up, the welding power, speed, defocusing volume, shielding gas flow, welding time, welding station information such as binding and bar code module, save and upload system, the equipment has Data storage and upload the function of the retroactive system, which is our focus on the development of competitiveness.

Advanced lithium power grid: Desai Automation, although established in 2014, but in the field of optical components has become a well-known brands. Will the accumulation of experience in this field how to synergize with the lithium business?

Xu Wei: optical components and equipment are ultra-precision equipment, requiring high precision and high stability, customer requirements in the upgrade, maintenance of the economy to be high. Through the company's efforts, has been in the field of optical components to become a leading brand, and other equipment for the development and manufacture of a good solid foundation.

Combined with the Group of Brothers in lithium polymer battery manufacturing experience, the introduction of research and development of lithium equipment industry talents, Desai automatic rapid cut into the field of lithium equipment. We will be in the optical equipment, the accumulation of various technologies applied to the business of lithium equipment, lithium equipment to enhance the accuracy, stability, economy, and promote the entire industry equipment and technical level and healthy development.

Lithium Power Grid: Desai Automation has been in the field of vision systems for many years, you talk about this system in the power battery manufacturing process innovative applications, how to successfully dock with the MES system?

Xu Wei: vision system in the field of automation is the most important application of measurement and judgments, especially for unsuitable for artificial or artificial vision difficult to meet the occasion. The application of vision system has greatly improved the degree of automation equipment and product quality testing accuracy, consistency.

In the battery manufacturing process, the visual system is mainly applied to the production process on-line quality testing and equipment to determine the precise positioning action. Through the CCD camera, product images uploaded to the host computer, and database processing and contrast to obtain the offset value, the system to make judgments, the control device will be the next step of automatic action, in order to achieve the equipment production process management. At the same time, these data will be one-to-one with the product, stored in the database, to achieve traceability of product quality, MES system quality management, bottom data integration analysis and production process control better reflected.

Engineering lithium power grid: Please elaborate on the company's positioning and planning.

Xu Wei: Desai automation positioning and planning is divided into three phases, the first stage: equipment manufacturing companies; the second stage: technology companies; third stage: platform companies (equipment Internet). The company is in the second stage, the various types of technology standardization, modularization, and into the R & D database, an internal R & D application platform. Desai Automation is committed to the establishment of the equipment manufacturing industry, Internet platform, integration of equipment manufacturing industry resources to promote the equipment manufacturing industry, technological progress and the rapid development of the industry.

Engineering lithium power grid: Prior to this, the Ministry of Industry issued "electric vehicle power battery product specifications size" and "car power battery code" (draft). How do you interpret this? Power battery size standardization of what is the significance of the equipment business?

Xu Wei: Ministry of Industry released some of the standard battery power, which is a good start, indicating that the standardization of power batteries has aroused national attention, which the entire power battery industry has played a very important role in promoting.

Currently on the market almost every battery is not the same, which virtually increases the equipment business R & D investment. If the size of power batteries to achieve standardization, which will lead to standardization of equipment, equipment companies will reduce R & D investment, reduce costs and enhance competitiveness, can be a deeper level of technology development, to better promote the technical level of the battery industry to enhance and flourish development of.