What Is The Value Of Lithium-ion Battery In The End?

- Mar 09, 2017-

Commodity value, literally, refers to the satisfaction of the needs of a commodity object and the subject matter associated with it. Marx in the "Capital" to deepen the concept of discussion, he believes that the value of goods is condensed in the commodity in the indiscriminate human labor, which in essence embodies a certain social relations between producers.

Throughout the history of mankind, we have experienced two magnificent industrial revolutions, the first driving force on the surface is the steam engine, the essence is coal; the second driving force surface is electricity, the essence is oil. From wood to coal to oil, the history of mankind is changed by fossil fuels, and the future of humankind is linked to renewable energy.

Jeremy Rifkin in the "third industrial revolution" put forward, the third industrial revolution is the energy Internet and renewable energy combined lead to human production and life, social and economic major changes. The third industrial revolution has begun and is imminent. It has five pillars: one, to the non-renewable energy transformation; Second, each continent of the building into a micro-power plant in order to collect renewable energy in situ; Third, in each building and infrastructure in the use of hydrogen and Other storage technology to store intermittent energy; Fourth, the use of Internet technology will be on each continent of the power grid into energy sharing network, swap less than the rational allocation of use; Fifth, the transport of power to plug-in and fuel cell power, the required power From the grid.

Energy storage technology plays a key role in Jeremy Rifkin's vision of the third industrial revolution.

Energy storage technology development so far, for different areas, different needs, people have proposed and developed a variety of energy storage technology to meet the application. The global energy storage technology mainly has physical energy storage, chemical storage (such as sodium sulfur battery, vanadium flow battery, lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, etc.), electromagnetic energy storage and phase change energy storage and other categories.

In contrast, lithium-ion battery energy storage is currently the most viable energy storage product development technology line. Lithium-ion battery with energy density, self-discharge is small, no memory effect, wide operating temperature range, fast charge and discharge, long life, no environmental pollution, etc., known as the green battery. At present, in Tesla, BYD, Yinlong and other enterprises to promote the lithium-ion battery to become the mainstream of energy storage battery technology trends more and more obvious.

At present, in the field of new energy has been widely used lithium-ion batteries are three yuan lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and lithium titanate batteries.

Sanyuan lithium battery industry is more advanced development of South Korea, Japan and China. As the three yuan lithium battery capacity density, life is relatively long mileage, the current application in the field of passenger cars impressive. But its safety, high temperature resistance, life and other aspects of the lack of 2016, the Ministry of Industry has once suspended the three yuan lithium battery bus included in the new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory, and in 2017 officially lifted Sanyuan lithium battery bus Use, but to meet the "electric bus safety technical conditions."

Currently in the field of lithium iron phosphate to master the more mature mass production technology countries are the United States, Canada and China. Compared to three yuan lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery because of safety and stability, high temperature performance, light weight and other advantages, is currently widely used in pure electric bus. But its low temperature performance, the tap density of the cathode material and other aspects of the lack of efficiency in the work does not have the advantage.

There is also a much concerned about the current battery - lithium titanate batteries. At present, there are only two enterprises with lithium titanate material and power and industrial application. Japan's Toshiba and China Yinlong. Lithium titanate batteries are lithium batteries in the longest life, the highest safety of the battery, and can achieve 6 minutes fast charge, -50 ℃ -60 ℃ resistance to wide temperature. On the life cycle, ordinary lithium-ion battery is about 1000-2000 cycles, lithium titanate is 30,000 cycles, is the former 15 times. But the material of the battery has a natural shortcomings: low energy density, restricting its mileage, lithium titanate fast charging characteristics and make up for its mileage is not enough short board, the current commercial vehicle market Favored.

With the ecological environment and climate change situation is increasingly grim, to give priority to the development of renewable energy is characterized by the energy revolution has become an inevitable trend. A difficult reality is that no matter what technology, the current new energy is still not completely replace the traditional fossil energy. Innovations in new energy technologies also need to be driven by society, industry and businesses, and the industry should look at any emerging technology with a development perspective. The difference between the advantages of each technology must exist with its corresponding market, the market is the real touchstone technology.

With the progress of the industrialization of lithium titanate, the overall decline in cost, as well as the increase in energy density, lithium titanate in the airport ferry, urban buses, urban logistics vehicles and other markets have significant advantages.

In addition to the above three yuan lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium titanate, the future energy storage technology will further diversify, such as the market will be fuel cell, will provide users with more choices.

It seems not perfect what value of lithium-ion battery in the end, which depends on our vision, is limited to the immediate surface of the phenomenon, or insight into the long-term real meaning?

Energy storage technology for the energy revolution is extraordinary, it is Yinlong, Tesla these master the world's leading core technology enterprises in the field of new energy breakthroughs for the energy revolution to provide a strong support.