Who Fostered China's Largest Power Battery Factory? BMW And Mercedes-Benz Share Batteries Battle

- Jul 25, 2017-

Speaking of Ningde era of new energy technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CATL), but now the domestic power battery industry's leading enterprises, we can know that this is only a company founded in late 2012 start-up? In addition, we can know who is supporting this start-ups all the way market valuation soared more than 84 billion yuan?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz shared batteries to cultivate China's largest power battery factory

Ningde era registered in 2011, due to the parent company of New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ATL) hesitation of power battery investment, ATL at the end of 2012 part of the management and the creation of a combination of national capital CATL. Also in the same year, BMW Brilliance and CATL decided to Brilliance BMW plans in the new energy vehicle brand and product promise 1E high-voltage battery project work together to cooperate, which CATL was officially entered the field of power batteries.

"The first BMW found that ATL is Apple's cell phone battery the world's largest battery supplier, indicating its single cell is very stable, we look for ATL cooperation, but ATL do not power battery, so Zeng Yuqun, Huang Shilin and many other venture shareholders to create a CATL "Brilliance BMW is proud to help Ningde become the premier supplier of today's automotive high-voltage power batteries," said Dr. Wei Lande, President and CEO of BMW Brilliance, to Securities Daily.

Huachen BMW, which is rooted in the Chinese market, not only helped Chinese parts enterprises to grow into world-class suppliers, but also built BMW Group's largest R & D base outside Germany in Shenyang, China.

Compared to the earlier landing of China's Audi R & D center is responsible for product development, the late landing of China's Mercedes-Benz R & D center is only doing product certification work, BMW go farther. "Brilliance BMW R & D center in addition to domestic product development work, but also a lot of research work, such as Brilliance BMW Connaught brand most of the project development work is carried out in the country, with the completion of two R & D center, We will carry out more research work in addition to technology development, "Wei said that BMW Group and BMW Brilliance honored the" commitment in China for China "localization, for the future development of BMW Brilliance injected a stronger strength.

According to him, Brilliance BMW R & D center from the beginning there is a clear focus of research and development: new energy vehicles. This is also with China's long-term development of new energy vehicles industrial policy is opposed to the line.

Recently, media reports, Apple and CATL are ongoing a confidential agreement based on the project cooperation for the Apple car to provide power battery. Apple and CATL are no strangers to each other, CATL is the parent company ATL power battery business part of the demolition. The reason why CATL can now be in the field of rapid development of power batteries, and Panasonic, BYD become the world's top three car battery production and sales, that is, the reputation of Apple's mobile phone battery business, but also benefited from the BMW battery to the battery orders and joint R & D results.

Brilliance BMW Technology and Production Vice President Engelhard in last year's Ningde era power battery technology open class talked about: "Brilliance BMW and Ningde technology cooperation began in 2012, the two sides decided to Brilliance BMW plans in the new energy vehicles Brand and product promise 1E high-voltage battery project to work together in the promise of 1E pure electric vehicles more than two years of product life cycle, Ningde Technology provided by the battery pack live test, fully proved its excellent quality, Stability and reliability. "

"CATL started to do a power battery connected to a business is our, BMW provides more than 800 paper power battery production standards to Ningde, they were hesitant, after all, to the Apple mobile phone battery is not so complicated." BMW a car High-level talk to reporters about the past, in order to help CATL produced BMW Brilliance requirements of the battery, BMW a high-level engineers in Ningde for more than two years.

Ningde era marketing director Yang Qi had an interview with reporters had the same description, the company in 2011 when the business, faced with any venture business should consider the two questions - first of all, how to eat the first question, The second to consider how to solve the problem of sustainable development, "the company at the beginning of the positioning is relatively high, in the field of power batteries, the company aimed at the BMW BMW BMW has provided more than 700 pages of the German specifications, One by one to do it is not easy, but we still do.

BMW Group's R & D center in China has been focused on new energy vehicles, enterprises not only the introduction of new products, the establishment of new factories, but also continue to promote the development of new energy ecosystem. Ningde era is only BMW new energy ecosystem which support China's domestic suppliers of a link only, BMW also want more long-term, more corporate social responsibility action.

"We have also established a partnership with the battery recycling company Bump Group, in the first to take into account the future of battery recycling problems." Wei Lan told reporters.

Can business society not only warmth, but also tragic competition. On July 5, Beiqi Group and Daimler signed a new framework agreement, in Beijing Benz established pure electric vehicle production base and power battery factory, the introduction of Mercedes-Benz brand pure electric car products. To this end the two sides to inject capital, the establishment of pure electric vehicle production base, while carrying out the local production and research and development of power batteries, and the use of domestic batteries.

According to informed sources, Beijing Mercedes-Benz future use of domestic batteries identified as Ningde era produced by the batteries. Mercedes-Benz in China with the same supplier of BMW, the same batteries, BMW Brilliance's new energy automotive products in the future will not be a huge threat?

In this regard, Wei Lande position is understatement, BMW Brilliance Shenyang high-voltage power battery production line will be put into use this year, and others may also need two years to prepare the time, "BMW does not like rhetoric, rarely so early to talk about the future concept car, the future Of the arrangement, for example, the new BMW 5 series plug-in hybrid has been arranged, will soon be listed.1500625978137045905.jpg

"No car manufacturers will produce their own batteries, and suppliers should cooperate," Wei said, even if we all use a battery, each manufacturer for the battery design requirements are still different, for example, the number of times for the charge Requirements, charging performance requirements, etc., because the battery is composed of a number of batteries into a module, the size of the entire battery design size, battery management system, cooling system, the entire shape should be suitable for different models, this difference will be reflected in the various Car capacity, as well as follow-up product performance and quality.

According to Wei Lande revealed that the Volkswagen Group, Daimler Group and the BMW Group has long been the basic specifications of the batteries reached an agreement, the development of the industry must have a certain industry standards, or each manufacturer has its own standards, the future for consumers to use Very inconvenient.