Who Will Take You To The Future Of Autopilot?

- Jan 09, 2017-

For all car manufacturers, now there is no automatic driving function, simply embarrassed to release new cars. From the major car prices, Internet companies and other technology companies announced schedule, plan, 2020 or so may be the future of high-performance automatic vehicle standard performance "outbreak" of the key years.

From now to 2020, the automotive industry is what kind of revolution? Now the major car manufacturers, Internet companies, chip manufacturers and other technology companies in how the layout?

For the traditional car manufacturers, today's competition is extremely cruel. The impact not only from the traditional field of automotive "old rival", more also from emerging technology companies. In order to avoid being eliminated or marginalized, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Ford and other veteran car prices began to auto-pilot technology into new products, and coincidentally will launch mature autopilot "Year" set before 2020 .

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2017, the company unveiled Concept-i's new concept car, its most notable feature being autopilot; Honda plans to release the latest Electric Driving Electric Concept. Earlier this year, Volvo and Swedish automotive safety components supplier Autoliv announced a joint research and development of autopilot technology; the end of last year, Ford announced the introduction of more powerful computing capabilities, better integration of the new sensor autopilot vehicles, is expected to be 2021 launch of high-level autopilot vehicles; Previously, GM has been in the United States, California and Arizona, test more than 40 autopilot vehicles ... ...

In the view of many technology companies, automatic driving of the "most advanced" - unmanned has long been undoubtedly the future, the most high-key than Google, Tesla and excellent step. However, although each path is different, but in the autopilot technology research and development on the road but all the way bumpy.

As early as 2009, Google has launched unmanned pilot projects, has a wealth of test data. Last December, Google announced the transfer of this project to its parent company "Alphabet" innovative company Waymo, from the independent repairer turned to cooperation with other companies; Tesla last year, many accidents involving automatic driving technology The experience of the "winter"; excellent step of the automatic driving network about the car business is not due to California permission and suffered abortion.

Other Internet companies, chip makers and auto-driving technology-related businesses, also continue to explore, getting better. NVIDIA, for example, today unveiled Xavier Technology, an artificial intelligence solution for artificial intelligence, at CES, and announced that it has teamed up with Audi to develop an unmanned vehicle based on artificial intelligence. Nvidia's Drive PX 2, a computing platform designed for autopilot, was launched at CES last year. The Tesla's upgraded autopilot system is based on this platform.

In addition, some small and medium technology companies in the field of automatic driving technology has more and more eye-catching performance. Among them can not help but mention Mobileye company, the company's automatic driving technology has been universal, Volvo, BMW and more than 25 car manufacturers to use, there are more than 1500 million vehicles equipped with the company's advanced driving support system.

After the New Year, NuTonomy unmanned vehicles have appeared in the streets of Boston, USA; ASM, in collaboration with Softbank, set up SB Drive to launch an autopilot and is expected to operate in 2019 ...

Chinese companies are not far behind, is preparing to achieve in this area overtaking corner. Not only SAIC, Beiqi, the Great Wall, Chang'an, Geely, BYD companies such as auto companies active action, Baidu, Tencent and other technology companies are also promoting research and development.

With the Chinese Internet technology companies as the source of American electric car start-up companies Faraday future concern. As the music before the chain of funds storm and credit crisis, Faraday conference held in the next 3 is controversial. On the same day, the company released the first mass production of electric cars FF91, from the scene announced performance parameters, the car than similar cars have certain advantages, but in the conference site, automatic driving demo is not perfect, its market prospects Still unknown.

Cooperation in the field of automatic driving has been ubiquitous. At the CES Media Day, Intel said "the future of driving is unmanned," and announced that it will continue to work with Mobileye and BMW to test 40 autopilot vehicles in the second half of 2017 and Plans to launch unmanned vehicles by 2021. Mobileye is no longer a separate chip development, but the algorithm integrated in the Intel's autopilot computing platform.

In the past 2016, gifted, Ford, Volvo, Google, Livet company alliance, announced cooperation in the promotion of autopilot technology; Baidu, Ford to autopilot vehicle sensor manufacturer Velodyne investment 150 million US dollars, to develop unmanned technology ...

For traditional car manufacturers, with Internet companies, science and technology components companies, as well as car sharing service providers to cooperate, to avoid being eliminated the most efficient path; for technology companies, independent repairer is not the most sensible choice , After all, the future car is not just equal to the "Internet + wheel"; for parts suppliers, only relying on automobile manufacturing and technology companies to promote car interconnection, accelerate unmanned or automatic driving universal, and thus create value.

Convergence is perhaps the most important technology on the road from traditional cars to autopilot.