Why Wang Jianlin And Dong Mingzhu Are Fancy Battery Energy Storage

- Mar 21, 2017-

The importance of electricity is undoubtedly bear the most important basic function of safeguarding the normal operation of modern society. But for the generation and use of electricity itself, but also has a lot of negative conditions. Large power demand led to the seasonal, time node differences have a greater change, power to become normal; thermal power and other power generation methods lead to serious environmental pollution, environmental protection of the development of the general direction of the environment ... ...

(Note: Tesla home energy storage battery Powerwall)

As a result, the main clean power generation, to meet the needs of the public multi-power battery energy storage in recent years become the "darling", many big guys have the layout of the battery energy storage market and business, you want to preempt the high ground. So, by the big brother fancy battery energy storage technology and products, the future magic can get to distribute it?

Wang Jianlin, Miss Dong, "Iron Man" ... ... have fallen in love with battery energy storage

In early January this year, in China made the Summit Forum, Dalian Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin throw comparable to the "small target" of the Divine: "five billion ah, not big." Wang Jianlin is not big for the five million, It is a lot of business dream of the goal. And this time to Wang Jianlin fancy, it is the battery energy storage. In this regard, Wang Jianlin even said, "technology is not mature, but I still have to invest.

Not only Wang Jianlin optimistic about the battery energy storage market, the fire Dong Mingzhu "Miss Dong" and large state-owned enterprises are not far behind. In the end, Dong Mingzhu personal, Dalian Wanda Group, CIMC Group and Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. signed a capital increase agreement, a total increase of 3 billion yuan, access to Zhuhai Yinlong 22.388% stake. Of course, they fancy is not a new energy car. Wang Jianlin has his own "small abacus", "its future I do not think in the new energy vehicles, I think more is in the energy storage ... ... if the technology if the commercialization of the company's market value will be doubled."

In the overseas market, "Iron Man" Maske also keen on battery energy storage technology and market, and the introduction of Powerwall and other related energy storage products. You can see, in dealing with the prospects of battery energy storage, domestic and foreign big brother almost has a surprisingly consistent, are very optimistic about its future development trend.