With The Rapid Development Of Electricity Industry In Recent Year

- Mar 17, 2017-

With the rapid development of electricity industry in recent years, making express logistics demand, the number of logistics vehicles is also growing rapidly year by year, the performance of logistics vehicles and other aspects of the requirements are getting higher and higher, in this advocate green In the era, new energy vehicles, especially pure electric logistics vehicles in the field of urban distribution advantages continue to highlight, making a lot of related car prices to increase the pure electric vehicle research and development and manufacturing efforts.

Electric power car "ready" which battery will lead the future?

PK traditional logistics vehicles pure electric vehicle advantage is obvious

Compared with the traditional fuel logistics vehicles, pure electric logistics vehicles in a number of areas to take advantage:

1, green: Compared with the fuel vehicles, electricity is secondary energy, is converted from other primary energy, access to more convenient, and in the course of the operation does not produce exhaust pollution, can effectively improve the city's air quality, create Green traffic environment. Running noise is much lower than the standard of internal combustion vehicles, greatly reducing the city noise pollution, and create a quiet living environment.

2, the economic benefits are obvious: pure electric logistics vehicles in the daily operating consumption, service maintenance expenditure for fuel vehicles 50%, 11.6%, the overall operating costs less than half of the fuel vehicles, while compared with the fuel vehicles, Especially for some restricted cities. And the advantages of road power can also save a lot of time for the logistics business costs.

3, government policy support: According to statistics, around the new energy vehicles in the relevant policies, are referred to electric logistics vehicles, such as free on the card, not limited to other policies to boost the development of pure electric vehicle. For example: Shenzhen City, the introduction of "new energy pure electric vehicle vehicles to implement preferential policies", Shanghai issued electric truck pass, Tianjin pure electric light, micro-closed freight vehicles are not subject to restrictions on motor vehicle restrictions. Some provinces also clearly will promote the electric vehicle as a new energy vehicles to promote one of the planning.

Pure electric logistics car "ready" power battery demand is about heavy volume

2016 at the beginning of the year, the industry is pure electric logistics car production and sales forecast is 100,000, but eventually completed only 44,000 (December single month to complete the amount). In 2016, the Ministry of Industry issued a total of five batches of recommended directory: 1-3 months issued three batches, by "cheating the incident" effect, separated by 8 months after the Ministry of Industry on December 2 announced the first four, and 12 Month on the 29th release of the fifth batch of recommended directory. Battery China Net through the relevant data found in the previous 1-3 batch recommended directory there is no new energy logistics vehicles, until the fourth batch of recommended catalog only appeared in the electric logistics car figure, and in the fourth, fifth recommended directory, the electric logistics Car models to enhance the proportion of more than 36%. The above factors, but also delayed the electric vehicle market time.