Yan Wanda 2016 Revenue Over 80 Billion Yuan

- Mar 13, 2017-

Based on the traditional digital battery business, Yan Wanda in 2016 layout showing a car in the battery, electric bicycle batteries, UAV batteries, intelligent manufacturing and other areas of full flowering strategy.

In the report period, the Company realized operating income of RMB 8.052 billion, an increase of 24.42% over the same period of last year. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was RMB 450 million, up by 38.44% over the same period of last year.

Announcement shows that during the reporting period, its traditional core business mobile phone digital lithium-ion battery module maintained a steady growth in the reporting period to achieve operating income of 6.143 billion yuan, an increase of 22.43%.

Laptop, with the laptop from the traditional 18650 battery to lithium polymer battery conversion for the company's notebook computer lithium battery business to lay the foundation for rapid growth. During the reporting period, operating income was RMB388 million, representing an increase of 50.23% over the same period of last year.

In the automotive and power battery business, in 2016 to achieve operating income of 514 million yuan, an increase of 32.91%. Schwanda has invested in the establishment of the power battery research institute, focusing on power battery systems and power batteries research and development.

In addition, it has established technical accumulation in line with the market demand in BMS system, advanced PACK process, battery system comprehensive testing and evaluation, power intelligent factory, life cycle battery monitoring and echelon utilization technology.

Xinwangda said that the company and Geely, Dongfeng Liu steam, Beiqi Futian, Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi home and other core customers have carried out business cooperation in a number of new models with customers to establish a battery system joint development mechanism, continued Get a lot of stable orders, car battery business has been stable and sustained growth.

Electric bicycle field, now has Mavericks Technology, Shanghai Dragon, Nainbo, speed Ke, Melton, Emma and many other high-quality customers. With the company to strengthen the new energy vehicle battery technology reserves and production scale, coupled with the explosive growth of new energy automotive industry, will lead the company's new energy vehicles to recharge piles and related products, the rapid increase in revenue.

During the reporting period, Yan Wanda in the VR & wearing equipment, UAV, electronic pen and other emerging intelligent hardware business in full swing for its future performance continued to grow to cultivate a new profit growth point. During the reporting period, operating income was RMB 180 million, up 2289.89% year on year.

UAV business, has been with the Xinjiang, millet, zero and other in-depth cooperation, the full realization of the battery, supporting the surrounding and assembly business carried out by the core customer with the depth of the whole supply chain with the accumulation of core technology for its further Full-industry chain customers to provide a solid foundation for multi-field cooperation.

Electronic pen, the company signed and Microsoft's licensing agreement, the product has been end-user recognition, formed a good reputation and customer recognition, the current Microsoft, Asus, Intel, HP and Lenovo and other customers have reached a cooperation. In addition, intelligent home (including sweeping machine, smart socket, air conditioning partner, temperature and humidity sensors, etc.), smart bracelet, story machines and other projects have been mass production.

Intelligent manufacturing areas, Xinwangda reasonable planning and production management model, automated production line upgrading and core equipment research and development, to provide digital factory system as a whole solution to achieve a fully automated high flexibility automated assembly line, charge and discharge test equipment , AGV automatic logistics system, MES system, large data collection and analysis system and other aspects of the effective integration of a comprehensive build intelligent factory. During the reporting period, operating income was RMB 5,039,900, an increase of 2027.65% over the same period of last year.

External integration of international and domestic automation and intelligent manufacturing industry resources to promote the field of intelligent manufacturing business layout and development, and actively layout business intelligence BI, based on the Internet of things cloud computing and large data technology, build industrial Internet platform to provide intelligent plant comprehensive solution Program, and strive to become the industry's leading intelligent manufacturing equipment and solutions business, continue to improve core competitiveness, to achieve intelligent manufacturing field performance growth.

Xinwangda said that during the reporting period, the company based on the development strategy, according to market demand, continue to increase the energy storage system, electric vehicle power battery, automotive power battery BMS, VR unmanned aerial vehicles and other intelligent hardware, New products, new materials and other products and technology research and development, and in the field to form a strong competitive edge.