Yinlong Megawatt-class Battery Energy Storage Technology Through The National Science And Technology Department Acceptance

- Feb 13, 2017-

Recently, the use of silver dragon titanium technology in Shenzhen Baoqing battery energy storage station ushered in the safe and stable operation of the sixth anniversary of the energy storage station is China's first put into operation megawatt-class lithium battery energy storage station, while the national 863 project and the South Power grid company key technology projects - "10 MW battery energy storage station key technology research and pilot" demonstration project, six years of successful operation marks the success of our country has studied and successfully applied megawatt-class battery energy storage key technology.

Technical indicators International level

In January 2010, Yinlong new energy and peaking FM power generation company began to organize the key technologies of megawatt-class battery energy storage research, 1 megawatt battery energy storage system in January 23, 2011 and the official operation of the grid , Has been put into operation capacity of 18 MWh. The project is based on 47 patent applications, the preparation of IEEE international standard 1, the national standard 7, industry standard 7, published 57 papers.

Yinlong megawatt-class battery energy storage technology through the National Science and Technology Department acceptance

(Shenzhen Baoqing storage power station)

Engineering operation for six years, operation and maintenance personnel in the absence of experience can learn from the circumstances, and actively explore large-capacity battery energy storage system key technology research and development and application, accumulated operational experience, carry out scientific research and testing. The project team has put forward the integrated design method of energy storage system which covers energy conversion system, battery system, battery management system and monitoring system, and designs the overall plan of large capacity lithium ion battery (Yinlong titanium battery) energy storage power station. The world's first 10KV high efficiency (98.3%), high capacity (2MW), fast dynamic response (not more than 2ms) energy storage energy conversion device to improve the battery multi-level parallel connection, to enhance the energy storage system and Network efficiency, the formation of a series of major energy-saving innovation in the field of results, the relevant results of the international leading level.

The operation results show that the storage power station is safe and stable, the energy storage system response time is not more than 10ms, the comprehensive efficiency can reach 90%. Energy conversion system efficiency up to 98.3%, can achieve peak shaving, FM, voltage regulator, island operation and other application mode, the key technical indicators are better than the advanced level at home and abroad.

Core technology is highly recognized

At present the project has passed the National Science and Technology Department of the final acceptance. The expert group to give a high degree of evaluation of the results of the project that the results of research and development project fully reflects the 863 project project intent, the results for China's national conditions, innovative and forward-looking, to promote the healthy development of energy storage industry provides a strong technical support and Exemplary role.

January 2017, Yin Long New Energy attended the 2016 annual Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award Committee meeting. Won 2016 Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award, Yin Long new energy as a project participant won the 2016 China Southern Power Grid Corporation of Science and Technology Progress Award.