Yinlong Plans To Buy Nanjing Bus Factory Seven Base Layout In Progress

- Jul 28, 2017-

March 1 this year, the central 4 ministries issued by the "promotion of automotive power battery industry development action program" notice, clearly pointed out that the power battery system in 2020 than the energy of 260Wh / kg, 2025 power cell single energy of 500Wh / kg Target, while the theoretical iron phosphate can achieve the highest energy density of 200wh / kg, which obviously can not meet the needs of market development, and the development trend away. On the other hand, with the ternary battery technology and the entire new energy industry, the overall level of technology to promote the poor security of the short board is gradually to make up, the safety advantage of lithium iron phosphate is constantly weakened.

The future, the development trend of power battery must be three yuan battery for the mainstream, a number of technical routes common development. For the enterprise layout of two, or even a number of technical routes for R & D and production has become more and more enterprises of the common choice. For the country, but also to support this diversified market development situation.

For example, by the end of 2016, the four ministries of state clearly pointed out that the fuel cell vehicle subsidies did not retreat; in 2017 the government announced the new energy vehicle subsidy program stressed that reducing the super capacitor and fast charge of commercial vehicles in the energy density restrictions. After all, for the development of new energy industry, only to step up the comprehensive layout of the technical route in order to be in the future development of the industry in an invincible position.

Yinlong plans to buy Nanjing bus factory seven base layout in progress

According to the Nanjing SASAC website on the 25th disclosure, Dong Mingzhu charge all the personal debt investment Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd., the acquisition of Nanjing bus factory limited liability company framework agreement signing ceremony recently held in Nanjing Xin workers group. Signing ceremony, the new group Wang Xuegan, deputy general manager of the introduction of Yinlong New Energy Nanjing base project landing and South shares of the company to promote the transfer of equity.

Public information display, Nanjing bus factory was established in 1991, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, covers an area of more than 150 acres, is the national key vehicle modification and production of passenger cars business, has reached annual production and sales capacity of more than 3,000 vehicles. The two major shareholders Nanjing Jing Jing Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Nanjing Dongyu Automobile Group Co., Ltd. held 80% of Nanjing Bus Factory shares and 20% of the shares. From the Nanjing bus factory shareholders business areas, Zhuhai Yinlong acquisition of Nanjing bus factory to help expand its automotive manufacturing industry in the sub-areas, improve the layout of the industrial chain.

Yinlong plans to buy Nanjing bus factory seven base layout in progress

On the acquisition of Nanjing bus factory for more information, the parties have not yet disclosed. Industry sources, Yin Long new energy acquisition Nanjing bus factory will help improve the industrial chain. Nanjing bus factory second largest shareholder Dongyu Automobile Group is currently wholly-owned holding Nanjing Special Automobile Co., Ltd., which was the end of last month by the Ministry of Industry to restore the application of new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models.

Yinlong plans to buy Nanjing bus factory seven base layout in progress

Nanjing bus factory has declared new energy vehicle qualification, for Zhuhai Yinlong more conducive to its layout in the new energy market, can reduce the relevant inputs. In addition, the acquisition also reflects to some extent, Zhuhai Yinlong intends to integrate the new energy industry chain, the use of Nanjing bus factory in the modified car business on the accumulation, and thus into the modified car business.1501203878352095022.png

Yinlong plans to buy Nanjing bus factory seven base layout in progress

Zhuhai Yinlong new energy is a new energy industry for the core business, research and development, production and sales as one of the large modern high-tech enterprises. At present, Yinlong is currently the only one with advanced lithium titanate battery technology, new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises, plans to become the global leader in the field of green energy solutions. In 2012, Zhuhai Yinlong acquired the vehicle production qualification through the acquisition of Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Co., Ltd. Despite the relatively late start, but the development of Zhuhai Yinlong very fast. 2014 to rely on 12 pure electric antique tourist bus to enter the public eye, by the end of 2015 has been among the top ten pure electric bus sales list, orders in 2016 more than 62 million, earlier this year is to get Gree 20 billion yuan Big single.

This year in May, the company in Nanjing Lishui Economic Development Zone set up a new energy (Nanjing) Industrial Park, to be invested 10 billion yuan. After the completion of the Nanjing base with an annual output of 30,000 pure electric commercial vehicles, 2.5 billion Ah battery capacity and 400,000 sets of start and stop power.1501203890052038393.png

Over the past year, business woman Dong Mingzhu insisted on the acquisition of Zhuhai Yinlong caused a high degree of concern for the capital market, the following key events node:

August 18, 2016, Gree Electric announced that the valuation will be 13 billion yuan to private placement of shares by way of acquisition of Zhuhai Yinlong 100% stake, while raising 100 million yuan of matching funds. But the move was rejected by the Gree board of directors.

October 28, 2016, Dong Mingzhu in the shareholders of the General Assembly scene soared, said "Gree two years dividend 18 billion yuan, never ill-paid shareholders!"

December 15, 2016, Zhuhai Yinlong to Dong Mingzhu personal and Beijing Yan Zhao Huijin International Investment Co., Ltd., Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jingdong Bang Investment Management Co., Ltd. and other three well-known enterprises to increase 3 billion, after 23.388% stake in Zhuhai Yinlong, Dong Mingzhu invested 1 billion yuan, 7.46% stake.

March 8, 2017, Gree Electric and Zhuhai Yinlong up to 20 billion yuan of related transactions were approved by the shareholders.1501203845436090628.png

April 6, 2017, Zhuhai Yinlong's latest shareholding structure was exposed, Dong Mingzhu Zhuhai Yinlong's shareholding reached 17.46%, became the second largest shareholder of Zhuhai Yinlong, the shareholding ratio after the Guangdong silver Investment Holdings Group Limited. In December last year, Zhuhai Yinlong capital increase after the valuation of 13.4 billion yuan, Dong Mingzhu 17.46% stake to get 23.40 billion yuan, showing its preference for new energy automotive industry and attention.

At present, in China's northwest, southwest, southeast, north, south and other major areas, Yinlong new energy has a new energy vehicle base.

As an important industrial layout base in the northwest region, the project of "Lanzhou Yinlong New Energy Industry Park" was signed on January 21, 2017. The project is divided into three phases of investment, a plan to invest 1 billion yuan, the construction of pure electric new energy bus factory; two plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan to build a new energy bus supporting battery factory; three continue to build energy storage battery production base And other vehicle production lines. The first two investment projects - Lanzhou new energy bus production base, was in May 3, 2017 officially started construction.1501203863236061185.png

In the southwest region, Yinlong new energy industry base will be selected in the land of Tianfu - Chengdu. December 16, 2016, Yinlong new energy (Chengdu) industrial park base was held in Chengdu. It is understood that the project with a planned investment of 4 billion yuan, two plans to invest 6 billion yuan. It is planned to build a production base of lithium titanate batteries (including power batteries, energy storage batteries and start-up batteries), new energy vehicles, charging equipment and other products. Chengdu Yinlong project official said, Yinlong new energy Chengdu base in July 2017 began trial production, in August formally put into production. After completion, will become an annual output of 15,000 new energy passenger cars, 1 billion Anne lithium battery of modern factories.

In addition, in Sichuan Panzhihua, Zhuhai Yinlong will also build a new energy industry park, and in July 2017 with the Panzhihua government signed the "Panzhihua Municipal People's Government - Zhuhai Yinlong Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation agreement." The total investment of the project is not less than 5 billion yuan.

And Nanjing, Yin Long new energy as the southeast of the industrial layout base. May 9, 2017, Yinlong new energy base in Nanjing Lishui start construction. Construction period from 2017 to 2018, the project a total investment of 10 billion yuan, will be completed with an annual output of 30,000 pure electric commercial vehicles, 2.5 billion hours of power batteries and energy storage batteries and 40 million start-up power production ability.

Up to now, Yinlong new energy has been in Zhuhai, Shijiazhuang, Wu'an has three major production base, coupled with the upcoming production of Zhuhai Yinlong (Chengdu) new energy industrial park base, the construction of Zhuhai Yinlong New District, the new energy bus Production base and Yinlong new energy Nanjing base, there are in the layout of the Panzhihua base, the next 2-3 years, Yinlong new energy will have seven major production bases, covering major key areas.