Zhang Xiqing, Member Of The CPC Central Committee And His Entourage Visited Shucheng OptimumNano

- Jan 16, 2018-

Zhang Xiqing, member of the CPC Central Committee and his entourage visited Shucheng OptimumNano


On the afternoon of January 13, 2018, Zhang Xiqing, secretary of the five permanent members of the CPC Standing Committee, and his entourage arrived at the Innovation Industrial Park of OptimumNano in Shucheng City, accompanied by Sheng Guangxing, a standing member of Shucheng County Committee, and conducted a field visit to Shu Te's OptimumNano. Li Jinlin, President of OptimumNano, warmly welcomed Secretary Zhang Xiqing and his entourage and extended a warm welcome to them.

During the inspection, Mr. Zhang and his entourage visited the PACK automation line of Shu Te Wotema factory and listened to the detailed introduction of President Li about the enterprise development, the motive power battery of Wotema, smart manufacturing and intelligent monitoring platform.

President Li Jinlin accompanied Zhang Xiqing and his party to visit and study

President Li introduced to Secretary Zhang and his entourage that in recent years OptimumNano has gained a great success in smart manufacturing. At present, OptimumNano has realized the whole process automation from battery production to PACK assembly, and from the first production of batteries Ingredients to the final assembly process across the board through, greatly enhancing the production efficiency of OptimumNano. At the same time, OptimumNano's product consistency and stability are fully guaranteed, the product defective rate can be controlled within 900ppm, reached the international advanced level.

Having listened to the introduction of President Li, Secretary Zhang fully affirmed the achievements made by OptimumNano in recent years and the automated production scale of the leading industries. On topics such as OptimumNano development plan and the future development of Wuchang New Energy Vehicle Industry, President Li and expand in-depth exchanges.

Secretary Zhang pointed out that Wuchang enjoys excellent geographical location and natural resource endowments, which are inherent advantages in developing the new energy automotive industry. At the same time, Wuchang City is constantly deepening its counterpart cooperation with enterprises and relying on the opportunity of the country rejuvenating the northeast old industrial base and the "Made in China 2025" drive to promote cooperation in reform and innovation, industrial cooperation, park construction, joint investment promotion and market development development of. Watma automated production scale to make it an eye-opener, but also let him be five Changsheng new energy automotive industry with full confidence.

In the future, OptimumNano will rely on its alliance platform to make full use of its own advantages in technology and resource integration, continue to strengthen its comprehensive strength and promote the development of new energy automotive industry, foster a new growth point for the sustainable development of local economy, provide China's green Economic growth momentum!