Zhongshan Will Build A New Energy Automotive Industry Base Three Projects Set Up Output Value Of Over 100 Billion

- Jan 07, 2017-

May 23, it is reported that Zhongshan large-capacity lithium-ion battery power and new energy vehicle production project contract, CITIC Guoan Guoli will invest 15 billion yuan in Zhongshan, a total investment of about 40 billion yuan, is expected to reach 100 billion annual output value Yuan, the formation of the annual production capacity of 30,000 electric vehicles.

Under the agreement, Zhongshan will be in the Torch Development Zone, Linhai Industrial Park, the construction of new energy automotive industry base, and strive to create it as a provincial strategic emerging industry base. CITIC Guoan Guoli will invest 15 billion yuan in Zhongshan, the construction of new energy vehicles related to the positive and negative battery materials, batteries, systems integration projects, the formation of an annual output of 2 billion Ah lithium-ion battery capacity, annual sales The amount is expected to 50 billion yuan.

In addition, Beiqi Futian invest 1.2 billion yuan to build new energy vehicles and parts and components production projects, will be completed after the formation of 10,000 new energy commercial vehicles and 20,000 sanitation, postal transport and other special vehicle capacity, annual sales of 20 billion Yuan; China Southern Power Grid in the province will actively promote the charging station (pile) and other new energy vehicle infrastructure investment and construction, and actively explore the new energy vehicle business model.