Zhuhai Yin Long Why Overnight Worth A Hundred Times?

- Feb 21, 2017-

February 14, 2010 afternoon, in the Zhuhai municipal government leadership to Gree electrical research forum, Gree chairman Dong Mingzhu announced, and Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuhai Yinlong) Cooperation, 2017 Gree Electric will be officially entered the field of automotive air conditioning. "If this year, Zhuhai Yinlong to achieve sales of 30 billion yuan, the production of 30,000 cars, it means that we sell 30,000 units of air conditioning."

Zhuhai Yinlong is Dong Mingzhu 2016 fancy a dark horse. Through the acquisition of US technology company Altair Nanotechnologies Inc (Austrian titanium nanotechnology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the United States Austrian titanium), Zhuhai Yinlong claimed to master a nanotechnology, Dong Mingzhu as "long buried in the desert gold."

Gree small and medium-sized shareholders but do not buy it, they jointly rejected the acquisition of Gree Gree Zhuhai Yinlong plan.

But Dong Mingzhu did not give up. In December 2016, in the latest round of capital increase, Dong Mingzhu in personal identity with Wang Jianlin in charge of Dalian Wanda Group, Liu Qiangdong under the command of Suqian Hanbang Investment Management Co., Ltd., CIMC Group and mysterious shareholders Beijing Yan Zhao Huijin International Investment Limited Responsible company, together for the Zhuhai Yinlong capital increase of 3.0 billion.

In accordance with the capital increase and the share of the projections, Zhuhai Yinlong's valuation has reached 13.4 billion yuan, is its initial registered capital of 223 times. Since its inception in 2009, Zhuhai Yinlong completed 10 shares of equity transfer and 7 capital increase, it is in the process, the company achieved a leap in valuation, Zhuhai Yin Long, chairman of the silver warehouse also recovered the investment costs.

Zhuhai Yin Long in the technical route has been controversial, but by the local government and capital crazy chase, it is what kind of a company?

"Out of nothing"

Wei Yincang home Wu'an City, is attached to a city of Hebei Province, Handan City, the territory of mountainous, barren people poverty, since the ancient Hing commerce. However, Wei Yincang did not go out to do business, but in the local completion of the original accumulation. Its early commercial landscape involved in highways, minerals and auto parts maintenance.

2009 Zhuhai Yin Longgang was established, the official website has shown that registered in the British Virgin Islands "BVI Silver Holdings Limited" is a member of Zhuhai Yinlong. The company and Handan City Guangda Highway Development Co., Ltd., jointly holding Handan Hanwu Highway Development Co., Ltd. Business information shows that Handan City Guangda Highway Development Co., Ltd. is the Handan City Transportation Bureau of the two departments funded the establishment of the.

Handan Hanwu Highway Development Co., Ltd. was founded in December 1996, with 309 National Road Handan to Wu'an section of the right to operate fees. Zhuhai Yinlong official website has introduced, Handan Road is part of 309 National Road, is a national standard highway. Through the Handan City Congtai District, Fuxing District, Handan County, Wu'an City, is the throat of the East China Sea coal channel, Handan City is also one of the important traffic lines. 2000 began a formal fee in 2009 to achieve the toll income 80.8 million yuan in 2010, the cumulative collection of 83.48 million yuan.

Zhuhai Yinlong has also set up Yinlong Investment Group (Hong Kong) Limited, mainly engaged in iron ore, coal, nonferrous metals three pillar products production, development and trade.

Yinlong Investment Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and under the Hebei Yinda Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd., the total assets of 1.01 billion yuan, is to operate road investment and highway construction-based large-scale private enterprises.

Into the new energy sector, these early companies and business has been unable to see from the latest equity structure of Zhuhai Yinlong. Wei Yincang through the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands and Hong Kong set up a series of companies, indirectly control the Zhuhai Yinlong.

Wu An Party Secretary Zhang Chenliang in 2014 to accept the Interview with the Central Canton, talk about the transformation of economic structure in Wu'an, Wei Yincang revealed from the Wuan out of the trend:

After the new century, Wu'an City, the local boss to return home business, which has Wei Yincang. Wei Yincang was already into the United States, in the Wu'an City, under the leadership of the mobilization of the United States to give up the green card, then buy the United States Austrian titanium technology, back home investment and construction, engage in new energy vehicles.

According to Zhang Chenliang estimates, Zhuhai Yin Long and another investment in Wu'an new energy automotive company development potential is great. If the third phase of the project all launched, invest 30 billion, the output value can reach 120 billion, equivalent to the reconstruction of a Wu'an City.

Through the introduction of these new energy vehicles, Zhang Chenliang think, Wu An has found a transformation and upgrading, green rise path. This path is the traditional industry to engage in "there are new students," emerging industries engage in "out of nothing."

One with Wei Yincang played many times the battery industry industry told reporters that Wei Yincang is not a technical background, but now has become a battery expert, a talk about the battery on the endless.

American Austrian Titanium

Support Zhuhai Yinlong "out of nothing" is the United States Austrian titanium. In 2010, Zhuhai Yinlong spent 57.5 million US dollars (about 400 million yuan), the acquisition of the United States Austrian titanium 53.3% of the shares, mastered the Wei Yin Yin mouth in the stone method of nano-ball technology.

Previously, Zhuhai Yinlong in the field of new energy almost nothing. Zhuhai, an economic officer told reporters that before the acquisition of Gree Electric, he is only know that there is such a business only.

US Austrian titanium is a 40-year-old technology companies, but the operating performance has been poor. In the acquisition of Zhuhai Yinlong 2010, the total assets of Austria Titanium, revenue and net profit were 24.26 million US dollars, 7.83 million US dollars and -22.3 million US dollars. The company was listed on the Nasdaq, Zhuhai Yinlong after the acquisition, due to differences in Chinese and foreign audit, can not be submitted on time financial statements, was forced to suspend the transaction, then delisting.

The reason why poor performance, in part because of the failure of the United States Austrian early commercialization. Its business path from the life science and technology to the pharmaceutical and then to the military, varied, was teasing foreign media, the main industry in exchange for the United States than the mouth of Oprah clothes even faster.

That is the last decade, the United States Austrian titanium was gradually established two major commercial line - energy storage system and lithium titanate batteries.

Look at the United States Austrian titanium earnings, in recent years for the company to contribute the main income is energy storage system. For example, in the first half of 2013, 43% of the $ 5 million in revenue comes from Hawaiian Electric Light Company (Hawaiian Electric Light Company). Hawaii Electric Lighting also shows a number of purchase records for wind energy, solar energy and other different energy storage purposes. In addition, the United States power company (AES Corporation), transnational wind power companies Vestas and some other internationally renowned enterprises are also the United States Austrian titanium customers.

In the process of capital increase in Zhuhai Yinlong, Dong Mingzhu and Wang Jianlin also clearly expressed the hope of the field of energy storage. In 2016 Gree Electric acquired Zhuhai Yinlong during the shareholders meeting, Dong Mingzhu frankly, she could not see Zhuhai Yinlong car, the car for her only an extension of the battery. After the acquisition of silver Long, will speed up the energy storage equipment, and then throw the rhetoric, "to let the haze disappeared more than half." Wang Jianlin in the increase of Zhuhai Yinlong more directly said: "It's the future I do not think In the new energy vehicles, I think more is in the energy storage.

In contrast, the use of titanium titanium titanate batteries in the United States lack of successful examples. In 2006, Austrian Titanium developed a lithium titanate battery, named NanoSafe, was introduced as a core product.

The so-called lithium titanate battery, is the use of lithium titanate as the battery anode material. And the international market is more popular lithium iron phosphate, Tesla compared to the ternary material, lithium titanate charging speed is the fastest, as long as a few minutes; the same time, lithium titanate batteries have long service life, Safety and stability of the advantages of good. But its energy density is the lowest, low to only half of the material, means that the same volume can be stored under less power, the car is not far to charge.

NanoSafe sold several car companies, one of which is a strategic cooperation in the manufacture of truck-based Phoenix Motor (Phoenix Motorcar). Forbes magazine long-term tracing Austrian titanium reporter wrote that the then US President George W. Bush saw the two companies in cooperation after the pure electric truck, staring at the hood said that the United States will hope to reduce 20% in 10 years of fuel consumption. Austrian titanium shares rose 18% on the next day. However, the two sides did not cooperate with the car, Phoenix Motor announced in 2009 bankruptcy.

American bus maker Proterra also purchased lithium titanate lithium titanate batteries. 2013 co-operation of the bus debut, was the then US Department of Transportation praised as "tomorrow bus." Proterra ordered a battery that could meet 80 buses, but there was no renewal.

Reporters to the Proterra made an e-mail inquiry renewal and battery quality problems, as of the press failed to get a reply. But a domestic sales manager for a large supplier of lithium titanate batteries told reporters that he visited the US Public Transport Association in 2014, at least three bus companies said Proterra's battery failure too fast.

Zhuhai in the largest bus terminus Gongbei, the reporter saw dozens of all-round Zhuhai Yinlong bus and five charging pile. According to the scene of the bus driver and battery maintenance personnel to reflect the Zhuhai Yinlong bus charging time in 10 minutes or so, theoretically can run 60 km, but in fact can only run 30 km, that is, one way to drive a charge, because the power Less than 50% of the time there is the feeling of lack of power. In addition, a bus is probably equipped with 10 boxes of batteries, one year will be the whole replacement time.

The sales director also told reporters that the Austrian titanium lithium titanate battery synthesis process cost is too high, the price is very expensive, which is one of the reasons why the United States is not selling.