Record Catalog Is Not Out Of New Energy Vehicle Sales Temporarily Stalled

Record Catalog Is Not Out Of New Energy Vehicle Sales Temporarily Stalled

Introducing advanced equipment, OptimumNano has been well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of record catalog is not out of new energy vehicle sales temporarily stalled. Our batteries are of high safety, high capacity, strong stability and long cycle life. With bulk...

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Introducing advanced equipment, OptimumNano has been well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of record catalog is not out of new energy vehicle sales temporarily stalled. Our batteries are of high safety, high capacity, strong stability and long cycle life. With bulk batteries in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale good price battery made in China from us.

As a result of "new energy vehicles to promote the use of recommended models directory" (hereinafter referred to as "directory") retrial, last year's Beijing new energy vehicle sales temporarily stagnant. Yesterday, the reporter learned that the city by the letter is currently stepping up organizations to collect corporate materials, 2017, the first batch of new energy vehicles in Beijing production enterprises and product list will soon launch. A number of dealers told reporters that Beijing is expected to new energy automotive market in March and April usher in sales climax.

Record catalog is not out of new energy vehicle sales temporarily stalled

New energy auto market downturn can only be booked on the card

2016, the new energy vehicles alone Yaohao, not limited to, car subsidies and other favorable policies, continued to spawn the Beijing new energy vehicle indicators "hot". When we are still immersed in the prosperity of the new energy market in 2016, the 2017 annual sales data allows the heat suddenly dropped to freezing point.

As a result of this year's national subsidies, local subsidies both back up and the first five batches of new energy vehicles recommended directory of the overturned review, in January 2017 national new energy vehicle sales fell 74.4% year on year. And Beijing as the main driving force of new energy vehicles battlefield, by the local new energy car directory delay the impact of the release, more consecutive nearly two months suffered a "sales window" embarrassment.

Reporters visited the survey found that at present, Beiqi, JAC, BYD, Teng potential and other mainstream new energy vehicles 4S shop only accept reservations. Beiqi a 4S shop sales staff told reporters, "After the Spring Festival, the store did not sell a new energy vehicles, other stores are also similar to the situation.Current customers can shop to see the car, booking and even mention the car, but in the" directory There are exceptions, some stores because of last year, more indicators, take the year before the train on the train measures, after the Spring Festival to transfer the form of sales of 2016 models, and no price, but only has been Without any offers. "

To make matters worse, due to subsidies for land degradation led to some models prices, some dealers not only encountered sales of embarrassment, the amount of orders compared to the same period last year also fell sharply. Frozen three feet of non-day cold, the new energy market early in the case of cold has long been a harbinger. Data show that as of November 2016, not on the card of the new energy vehicles index more than the annual total of new energy vehicles 70% of the total, on the card "cold" and the application of indicators "hot" in sharp contrast. Although more and more consumers are beginning to consider new energy vehicles under policy push, most consumers are still on the sidelines of new energy vehicles, relying on subsidies to stimulate sales of new energy vehicles like swaddling newborns, faded policy shelter , To meet the new energy automotive market will be a brutal industry reshuffle.

"Manufacturers subsidies" should be born when the car manufacturers long

The face of the current car can not sell and the price of the full range of models may bring sales decline, out of the protection of market sales, car manufacturers have introduced emergency response measures, passive to take the initiative, "manufacturers subsidies", " And other concepts quietly surfaced.

To North steam new energy, for example, Beiqi specifically set up a health blue fund, used to subsidize users in the purchase of pure electric car when the price difference. For the 2017 before the Spring Festival to submit orders for consumers, Beiqi new energy to make the whole model after the holiday is not the price of the commitment to pay the company to undertake subsidies to offset the corresponding difference. In addition, the Spring Festival after the Beijing New Energy 2017 EU260 and EX260 dual car market, in fact, also disguised to achieve the price. 2017 models EX260 is divided into music live, music cool version, the Beijing area after the subsidy price of 126,900 -13.69 million; 2017 EU260 Lok Lane, the enjoyment of the Beijing area after the sale price of 13.99 million -149,900, due to two A version of the price were reduced by 30,000 yuan and 41,000 yuan, equal to the price rose only 3,000 yuan and 1 million.

BYD has adopted the "factory subsidies" and "business subsidies" combination of measures. Reporters learned that by the end of 2017 by the end of March, BYD will be for the new energy pure electric vehicle manufacturers to give additional subsidies 25,000 yuan, business subsidies 4000-9000 yuan, plus the national subsidies 44,000 yuan and the estimated local subsidies 22,000 yuan, Is expected to be able to achieve the official guidance on the basis of preferential price of 10 million terminal price.

Last year in Beijing's new energy car market ranked third in the JAC, the current new energy models are iEV4, iEV5, iEV6S and iEV7 four, which iEV4, iEV6 and iEV7 iron lithium version is expected to be sold within two weeks. Although the specific price of the model and the manufacturers subsidy policy has not yet announced, but Jianghuai Beijing regional new energy business executives told reporters that JAC's sales mainly due to the obvious advantages and disadvantages, manufacturers will be objective pricing, the maximum extent given to consumers.

Geely is currently sold in the store models are emperors EV elite and distinguished type, in accordance with the 2017 adjusted policy point of view, Geely still maintain the subsidy of 110,000 yuan unchanged, but the models have risen prices. Teng potential 400 will also resume sales, the current manufacturers are developing official guidance price is expected to price is in accordance with the amount of more than 60,000 yuan subsidy to go

In the end of the index is not obsolete as "expired" no countermeasures

The same by the Beijing "directory" retrial impact, there are a number of new energy vehicle indicators will be "expired" consumers. A public in August last year to obtain indicators of the public told reporters: "wanted to wait until after the car, but also to the shop optimistic about the favorite models, did not expect due to policy changes, not only prices rose, and now 4S shop can not even sell, see The index will be expired but helpless.

4S shop staff said this, everything or to wait for Beijing "directory" announced that when the new energy car sales to return to the normal process. The store will certainly give priority to February 26 due to a group of consumers on the licensing procedures, as far as possible to ensure that consumers in time on the card. Recently, the media also reported that the city by the letter is currently being intensified to organize the organization to collect corporate declarations, for the month of 26th launched this month, the first batch of 2017, the first batch of new energy passenger cars in Beijing production enterprises and product list, in addition to excluding the target delayed may.

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